Aagha Ali makes details of breakup with Sarah Khan public

Agha Ali Sara Khan Breakup

Ever since they first appeared together in the drama Tumhare Hain, Aagha Ali and Sarah Khan have charmed the audience with the beautiful chemistry they share. There is, however, sad news in store for the fans of this lovely reel-to-real couple.

In a recent appearance on a TV show, Aagha Ali confirmed that he and Sarah Khan are no more together and broke-up since they both wanted different things from life.

Fans Deserved to Know

The speculation about the couple’s break up had started when earlier this month Aagha Ali made an Instagram post, thanking the audience for loving the show Band Khirkhiyan. He had curiously not mentioned or tagged his co-star and female lead of the project, Sarah Khan, in the lengthy caption. This led the fans to worry about the couple’s equation with each other.

During a recent interview on the show Chai Toast Aur Host, Aagha was asked about the current status of his very public relationship with Sarah Khan and how he felt about the fans trying to intrude in his private life.

Aagha replied that his fans had loved and supported his relationship with Sarah and he feels like he owes it to them to announce the breakup publically.

Without divulging into explicit details, Aagha cited the reason behind the break up to being “wanting different things from life.” He talked about how the breakup had been hard for him personally and that he couldn’t work for months after it. But eventually, he had to move on with his life. He said that he and Sarah are fine with each other and that he immensely respects Sarah as a person.

Response to Trolls

Aagha made a point to specifically mention the internet trolls who have a habit of writing nasty comments on the actor’s social media pages. He said that while he personally didn’t care about the trolls, their words do have the power to affect real people negatively.

Aagha did appreciate and thank his real fans for always loving and supporting him and mentioned that if he feels like it, he might once again share some details of his private life with the fans.

We wish Aagha and Sara both the best of luck for all their future endeavors.


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