Here is the latest update on Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Omar’s ‘Rehbara’

Ahsan Khan Ayesha Omer Rehbara update

Described as a “love story with a twist,” Rehbara is Amin Iqbal’s first project as a film director. Counted among the top directors of the Pakistani drama industry, his debut on the silver screen was a much-welcomed endeavor when the film was announced back in 2016. Starring Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Omar as leads, the movie started its shooting after the announcement and was due to release last year.

Although the news regarding the ‘near-completion’ status of the film did float around, and that too with the film’s posters, but there was a complete silence afterward and no sign whatsoever of the promised release in 2018.

GL decided to find out what’s brewing and got in contact with the film’s director, Amin Iqbal.

The Update

When asked about the film’s release, Amin told GL that around 90% of the film’s shoot was complete and that he aims to release the film “hopefully, this year, InshaAllah.” The reason for this delay, according to the director, was that the producer was out of the country, and had been back last month, so the shooting was now going to be resumed in next two-three months.

Due to the star leads being Ahsan and Ayesha, the film was already a much-anticipated affair for the audience. Because admit it, who doesn’t want to see how Ayesha and Ahsan’s chemistry would be like on the big screen. But as told by the director, the cast also includes Sarish Khan (Chain Aye Na), Ghulam Mohiuddin, Saba Faisal, and Sohail Sameer.

This, of course, has further added to our anticipation as to what roles these great actors would be playing in the movie which Amin says has been completely shot in Pakistan.

Ahsan is Excited

Making his debut on the silver screen back in 1998, Ahsan Khan has been a part of quite a few films, most recently, Chupan Chupai and Tick Tock. The actor, however, is yet to make it big in the film industry and Rehbara was supposed to do that for him.

When asked about his thoughts on the much-awaited rom-com, Ahsan expressed his excitement and told Galaxy Lollywood that he thinks it’s a good film and that he loves its music and is waiting for it to hit cinemas.

Worked the Hardest on It: Ayesha Omar

When we contacted Ayesha, she told us that the film had an exceptional story and that she and Ahsan had worked hard on it. Talking about her role, Ayesha said, “My character is quite powerful, and a dominant part of the story arc revolves around it.”

She also told us that the film has mostly been shot outdoors, especially in the village of Kasur, and that this was the project she had worked the hardest for in terms of the extreme conditions at the shoots. Like us, the actress also hoped that the work on the film resumes soon and that it releases this year.

This further adds to our curiosity as to what the film has in store for us. For now, however, all we can do is wait and hope to see the film’s release soon.


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