Ali Zafar has filed yet another case against Meesha Shafi, here are the details

At this juncture, we are all aware of what happened between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar last year, after the former accused the latter of sexual harassment. A number of women, other than Meesha, came out with their own stories about Ali but he denied all of them.

Some background

Ali Zafar filed a defamation case against Meesha but we didn’t hear any updates as such, afterwards. In August 2018, Meesha’s case was rejected by the Governor of Punjab and there haven’t really been updates following that, either. Last night, however, Ali’s lawyer – Ambreen Qureshi – took to Twitter to provide the world with an important update on the case.

What does the update say?

According to Ambreen’s tweet, Ali Zafar’s legal team have filed a criminal case against Meesha Shafi. The case has been filed under Section 476, which is against forged documents, misrepresentation, misstatement and fraud.

According to Qureshi, Meesha had submitted forged documents to the court during proceedings for the defamation suit. She further mentioned that as citizens of this country, it is our duty to expose people like Meesha who use certain movements (that’d be the #MeToo movement) for their own personal and professional gains.

Miss Qureshi also accused Meesha of using ‘delaying tactics’ and wasting court’s time. She mentioned that it was pleaded in court that Meesha was out of country while her Aurat March photos could be seen all over social media.

Qureshi ended her statement with a rather threatening line that said that it is cases like these that make her and her team’s resolve stronger to set a legal precedent against such smear campaigns. Well, we don’t know about that Miss Qureshi because a number of women, other than Meesha, did come out with their stories but guess, we’ll just have to sit and watch how the whole situation unfolds.

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