Ayesha Omar on being approached for ‘Laal Kabootar’, film with Mikaal Zulfiqar, and more

A few days ago, we reported on the status of the Ahsan Khan – Ayesha Omar starer Rehbara. The article, (un)fortunately, did not have all the details about our entire conversation with her. In that exclusive conversation with Galaxy Lollywood, Ayesha also talked about her experience working with Khalil-ur-Rahman Qamar, her future project with a “dark” theme, her possible return to TV and much more. Here are all the details:

Her frustration with Rehbara

The conversation naturally started with Rehbara. Ayesha lamented the fact that the film has been stuck for two years now with no clue whatsoever about when it will be finished. She said that there were only 5-6 days of shooting left but that last spell just isn’t starting.

Divulging more details about the project, Ayesha said that in addition to the strong script, she had said yes to the film because she loved the director, Amin Iqbal’s work on TV. She explained that she was “frustrated” because she and everyone else involved in the project had worked really hard on the film. She didn’t know why the production was halted but she could guess that the film probably ran into financial troubles. To put it in her own words, “the producers are first-timers. It won’t be a surprise if that was the case.”

The Kaaf Kangana experience

With the kind of news that Khalil-ur-Rahman directorial Kaaf Kangana had been generating since it was announced, it would’ve been remiss not to talk to Ayesha about it. Steering the conversation to this giant, we asked her about her first-hand experience working on set with Khalil sahib.

“That man is a genius.” Ayesha started. “My experience working with him, and I don’t want to jinx it, has been wonderful. We just connected.”

Ayesha talked about how she and Khalil sahib would talk for hours on about topics from the film to general life. They shared the same wavelength which made it easy for her to understand what he wanted. 

Ayesha mused that she does not believe in taking a side or hearsay when we asked her about the recent cast shuffles or the reasons behind them. “Everyone has their own version of the story”, she added. Her personal experience with the man, however, has been full of “fun and learning”.

Speaking about Kaaf Kangana’s release date, Ayesha said that they are done shooting the film and it might be released on either of the two Eids.

Kamran Shahid’s film – The Trial

It isn’t the only film Ayesha has finished shooting. Speaking about the ISPR film (the one with Mikaal Zulfikar), Ayesha revealed that she has a part in the film as well.

Her track in the film – based on the creation of Bangladesh – is very “serious, political, and revolves around a very dark theme.” Further clarifying it, she explained that her track in the film is completely separated from that of Mikaal and Sadia’s. “It is very haunting. I have seen my parts of the film and they have come out really well.”

Karachi Se Lahore 3 most likely not happening

With Chalawa’s first look revealed and the movie all set to release on Eid, we had to ask Ayesha about the status of Karachi Se Lahore 3. Speaking about the prospects of the film happening, Ayesha confessed that the movie is, “most likely not happening.”

Talking about few script reading sessions the cast has had, Ayesha said that the script of the film didn’t feel up to the mark. She said that being good friends with the director Wajahat Rauf, she had talked to him about the issues. Wajahat had amicably agreed that the script needed more work. But from what she has gathered, the film has been shelved.

Laal Kabootar and her comeback on TV

Despite many of Ayesha’s own projects stuck in limbo, she said that she really enjoys the Pakistani movies that have come out in recent times. When we asked her about her take on the upcoming March releases, Ayesha said that she is most excited about Laal Kabootar and revealed that she was approached to do that film.

“Kamal and I started our careers on television together. I was the first one he had approached for the film but unfortunately, I wasn’t in town and he was in the hurry to finish the casting. It’s sad that I couldn’t read for the part.”

But she looks forward to the film and says that it will definitely be the best of the three March releases.

On a parting note, Ayesha revealed to us that she is strongly considering coming back on TV. After taking a break from the small screen for a few years, Ayesha is now going through scripts and is currently in the process of finalizing details for her comeback on TV.

“We invest too much time in films and often get no rewards for it. In Pakistan, television is the place to be.”

With that, we bid our farewell to Ayesha and ended this long and interesting conversation.


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