Here is why Sheheryar Munawar is missing from Project Ghazi’s promotions

Project Ghazi was supposed to release in 2017 but then, it didn’t. A lot happened, the actors and the film crew worked in unison to improve things and the film is finally hitting the cinemas this Friday. Now that the movie is all set to release on the 29th of March, fans can only see Humayun Saeed and Syra Shahroz promoting it. Sheheryar Munawar has been absent through and through and naturally, there has been rumors going about his absence during the promotions of the film.

To clear the air, Galaxy Lollywood brings to you what Sheheryar himself had to say:

Live from Sheheryar

Upon being asked how he felt about it, Sheheryar showed his excitement towards the release of the film. He said, I am very excited for Ghazi to come out. Obviously, it is my work, and it is one and a half year of hard work. It is ridiculous the kind of things I have been reading regarding my absence (followed by a laugh). I love all my projects equally.”

As an actor, Sheheryar felt that he has given his blood and sweat to the film, and he wants to see how it turns out in the cinemas. (Reminder for the audience that Sheheryar has taken physical training for his role in the movie and has done all the stunts himself despite the bruises and injuries that came with it).

Moving on, he talked about the issue that he has been facing lately, which have caused him to miss the promotions for Project Ghazi. To put it in his own words, Unfortunately, the release date for Project Ghazi overlapped with my prior commitments, that’s why I haven’t been able to join the team on ground but I have been pushing the movie a lot through my social media. I am also busy working as a producer for my next film (that’d be Parey Hut Love).”

However, not all hope is lost. Sheheryar will be joining the team of Project Ghazi in Karachi for their promotions and of course, for the premiere. “I want to be there with my team,” said Sheheryar. 

What to expect from Ghazi

Sheheryar wants his audience to be excited for Project Ghazi as it is a film based on “a different type of genre.”

“One of the reasons I signed up for the film was that the subject matter is such that it shows nationalism without any kind of hate on another country,” said Sheheryar. 

Here’s wishing Sheheryar and the whole team of Project Ghazi the best of luck! 


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