Mehwish Hayat and Zara Noor Abbas steal the show in Chhalawa’s first look

The teaser of Wajahat Rauf’s up-coming film Chhalwa opens with Azfar Rehman expressing how he wants to impress Mehwish Hayat’s Bao Ji and Mehwish being all adorable, says that she will slap him and get the Shahrukh Khan out of him. With this exchange and the music that follows, the mood for the teaser is set – a colorful, lively, family drama which seems to be just the entertainer we need this Eid.

Mehwish redefined

It is an open truth that Azfar Rehman and Mehwish Hayat are great friends, they have always seemed to love each other’s company, both on and off screen. Keeping that in mind, we genuinely thought it would be a bit hard to convince people that they could play love interests, opposite each other, but their love track in Punjab Nahi Jaungi proved us wrong. And today with the teaser of Chhalawa  – Mehwish and Azfar prove yet again that they are a new on-screen couple to watch out for.

Seeing Mehwish, in this cute bubbly character, is a welcome change given her past characters where she hasn’t really gotten a chance to experiment with comedy. Her characters in Actor in Law (a journalist) and Punjab Nahi Jaungi for instance, show her as a strong female character and while we absolutely loved those, we are liking this fun new Mehwish.

The women steal the show

The next scene shows Zara Noor Abbas smiling and twirling, effortlessly. Zara, beyond any doubt, looks beautiful throughout the teaser making it hard for us to keep our eyes off her. Every shot captures her beauty perfectly and we are certain that this debut will mark her territory in the film industry. Moreover, we can’t wait to see Zara romance hubby Asad Siddiqui, on screen. Even though the teaser doesn’t show much on their track, we have our eyes set on them (can’t help our hopeless romantic selves).

That being said, the shots are beautiful and the teaser, overall, has a fun element to it. For me, personally, the girls have stolen the show. The guys, on the other hand, didn’t have much of an impact. In addition to Zara’s omnipresence in the teaser, Mehwis’s solo dancing shots leave you rather awe-struck (I know I was). Chhalawa definitely seems like a female-oriented entertainer, which comes off as a good surprise for we have mostly only seen Indie films being female-oriented; Cake for instance.

The only thing I have my reservations on are the glimpses from the title track for it looks like everyone is doing their own version of the dance steps. The choreography is done by Wahab Shah, who is remarkable at what he does so it makes us wonder what went wrong. We are just hoping that the full song turns out better, fingers crossed.

Lastly, the teaser reminds us so much of Punjab Nahi Jaungi; maybe because of the same main leads and the almost similar sets. Overall, the movie seems like an emotional roller coaster and we, at Galaxy Lollywood, are eagerly waiting to see this one.

You can watch the teaser here:

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