“Looks like some actors are being paid to hype up the LUX Style Awards,” jokes Yasir Hussain

We did a rather detailed article on all the controversies the LUX Style awards 2019 nominations have brought with them, these past few days. From Mohsin Abbas Haider calling out the LSAs for blatantly ignoring his play Meri Guriya in all the drama related categories to Eman Suleman expressing her discomfort in sharing her nomination with someone who has been accused of sexual harassment (read Ali Zafar), the awards have been making headlines for the past few days now.

Amidst all the chaos, Yasir Hussain – of the KSL series fame – shared a rather funny notion on his Instagram story today. Here is what it said:

The curious beings that we are, we got in touch with Yasir Hussain to understand what he meant.

What Yasir himself had to say

“Even though I am relatively new to the industry, I have always known that there are no credible awards in the country. How come our old faces are realizing this just now? As long as they were being nominated, everything was fine and now that they no longer are, suddenly LSAs are not credible anymore,” said Yasir Hussain.

Even though Yasir didn’t exactly mention any names, we are assuming that these old faces may include names like Syed Jibran, Imran Abbas, etc. but again, we do not know for sure.

While further explaining the reasoning behind his joke, Yasir said, “the thing is there is always a lobby system when it comes to awards, in all parts of the world. For instance, the award shows hosted by some of our TV channels almost always give awards to people belonging to their lobby, the same goes for the LUX Style Awards as well. I don’t understand the hue and cry, this time around. This is how it has always been. That’s why I joked that it feels as if LUX is probably paying them to create all this hype. Hamesha awards par log tou naraz hote hee hain, 5 log nominate hotay hain, 15 naraz hotay hain. Everybody obviously likes their work and wants to be nominated. This happens every time, I don’t know what’s so special about this time.”

Although Yasir was definitely joking, we still think he has got a point. What do you think of the entire situation? Let us know in the comments.