Films this Friday (April 5, 2019): Four films for you this weekend

It seems like our cinema industry will finally be seeing a good weekend in 2019, since the ban on Indian movies. The 23rd March weekend provided some relief to the same, with two local releases; Sherdil and Laal Kabootar, for otherwise, the business has been quite low. This week, Disney is back in the local market with the mega release of Captain Marvel. Alongside Captain Marvel, two other English films are being released that include DC Shazam and one horror film Pet Sematary.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is finally releasing in Pakistan after a lot of disagreements and heartbreaks. The film does not need any synopsis as all Marvel fans are aware that the Avengers: Infinity War end credit scene had Captain Marvel coming to their rescue. The film will be the final follow up to Avengers: Endgame.

GL Says: Captain Marvel has done phenomenal business all over the globe as the film, just a few days back, crossed 1 billion at the box office worldwide. 

The film has the ability to do a good, healthy weekend at the box office but the one month delayed release will definitely affect its business. The numbers still will be on a higher side and the film will enjoy a fruitful run until the Endgame comes out in cinemas. Cine-goers have been waiting for this movie for a long time and we believe that the business will be quite good in the multiplexes. 

DC Shazam

Shazam is about a youngster who becomes a bubble snapping superhero when someone says the magic word. This film comes under the DC universe and will be a good addition for people to watch in the cinemas. The film, from its pre-screenings, has exhibited good reports which will definitely enhance its chances at the box-office.

GL Says: Shazam will find its audience in the multiplexes and among a certain section of the audience who knows the character. It will definitely not have the same pull as of a Marvel superhero film but still will attract some audience. The film, with good collections overseas, can bring in considerable footfalls in the coming weeks, as the next two weeks have no major releases.

Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary, follows a family who, upon moving to rural Maine, discovers that their new home is located near a mysterious burial ground that sets off a chain of horrific events. Pet Sematary is mostly a non-starrer which will hamper its chances.

GL Says: Pet Sematary, being a horror film will find some audience among the horror lovers but the number will be very limited. A brilliant film like the US has only managed average collections at our local box office so Pet will find it tougher to succeed.

Sohni Mahiwal

Less than a week back, Meera Jee shared the Sohni Mahiwal poster on Instagram and stunned everyone for the film has literally come out of nowhere. Her post revealed that the film comes out soon, like tomorrow soon. However, we have seen no promotions, no nothing and we don’t know what to make of that.

According to media reports, the love story, which was shot some time back got delayed due to work schedule clash. It looks like it is finally coming out tomorrow.

GL Says: We honestly don’t know what to say here for we are not even sure if the movie is actually coming out tomorrow, given how it has been given the step-sister treatment. We won’t believe anything until we actually see it in the cinemas. Even if it comes out, we don’t predict good numbers and you all know why.

Hopefully, Captain Marvel and Shazam will bring lots of joy to the cinemas and as for y’all, see you at the movies.

I am a complete movie buff, who not only watches a lot of movies but also considers all other factors involved in making movie a success story. Movies are my passion and analysing them from all aspects is what I love doing.