Does Agha Ali’s upcoming single ‘Main Haara’ allude to his breakup with Sarah Khan?

Ever since they first appeared together in the drama Tumhare Hain, Aagha Ali and Sarah Khan became the talk of the town and infinitely charmed the audience with the beautiful chemistry they shared. In February this year, however, the two parted ways that came as a shock to their fans and well-wishers.

Some background on the relationship and the subsequent break-up

During an interview on the show Chai Toast Aur Host, Aagha was asked about the current status of his very public relationship with Sarah Khan and how he felt about the fans trying to intrude in his private life.

Aagha replied that his fans had loved and supported his relationship with Sarah and he feels like he owes it to them to announce the breakup publically.

Without divulging into explicit details, Aagha cited the reason behind the break up to being “wanting different things from life.” He talked about how the breakup had been hard for him personally and that he couldn’t work for months after it. But eventually, he had to move on with his life. He said that he and Sarah are fine with each other and that he immensely respects Sarah as a person.

Main Haara – Agha’s upcoming single

Very recently (say some 5 days back) Agha Ali released the teaser for his upcoming breakup song titled Main Haara. The song has gathered over 20 thousand views on Agha’s official YouTube.

If we delve a little deeper into the teaser, the actor/singer can be seen throwing a box containing letters, a teddy bear and picture of a girl that according to a huge number of fans, has an uncanny resemblance with Sarah Khan. Some even called him out on it. Agha, however, took to Instagram (the video can be found on one of his biggest fan pages) to explain that the picture is of no Pakistani actress whatsoever.

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Moreover, while talking to Images, Agha had the following to say:

“It’s for anyone who has been in love and has had their heart broken. I have. And I could relate to the song. I’m sure the world will too,” he said.

While we are not sure if Agha is alluding to his break-up with Sarah Khan through his upcoming single, we are just hoping that the song proves to be a healthy creative outlet for him, given everything he has been through.

Mein Haara has been shot in Karachi in Balochistan while the music is given by Qasim Azhar. Although we do not have a confirmed release date yet, the full single will be coming out anytime soon.