The teaser of ‘Baaji’ is a celebration of Lollywood and this is HOT STUFF!

Meera’s comeback film Baaji has been on my radar for quite some time. Why do you ask? Well, the film stars Meera in the role of a fading actress set against the backdrop of a declining old school film industry and the emergence of a new age Pakistani cinema, add to that the phenomenally talented Saqib Malik on the director’s seat and an interesting ensemble cast featuring a mix of the old and new – needless to say the expectations were high!

Baaji‘s first look

The first teaser dropped today and quite honestly Saqib has packed a solid punch with this first look into the glamorous world of Baaji. The 80-second teaser gives us a glimpse of what to expect from this crazy rollercoaster ride where Meera, without a doubt, is shining in the titular role of Baaji- a superstar whose time is running out, Amna Ilyas plays an ambitious girl with big dreams, Osman Khalid Butt a director with a plan, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Ali Kazmi who both seem to have an important part to play, as well as a bunch of veteran actors Nishoo Jee, Nayyar Ejaz and Irfan Khoosat.

While most actors seem well-suited to the characters,  I do feel that role being assigned to Osman Khalid Butt would have been a better fit for a somewhat more senior actor as the character seems to be that of a mature director and Osman who though is a great actor seems a bit of a misfit here. But I may be proven wrong when the film comes out so better wait and watch to see what tricks Saqib Malik has up his sleeves.

Going by the film’s setting Lollywood was bound to be a huge part of the film and the teaser makes it clear that the film will be an ode to Lollywood and celebrate the industry. The teaser makes use of all the filmy tropes and the addition of the classic Babra Sharif song ‘Yeh Aaj Mujh Ko Kiya’ in the background further accentuates this point. Oh and the last bit of the trailer where Amna addresses Meera as Baaji, the drama that follows and Meera utters her dialogue, it can not get any more Lollywood-y than this

To sum it up the thriller has all the makings of a commercially successful and critically acclaimed film as the characters all seem to be well-etched, the direction on point, the music promising and on the whole, the film is one to watch out for.


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