‘Meesha has no obligation to attend court unless summoned,” Meesha’s legal team responds to Ali Zafar

Meesha Shafi – Ali Zafar controversy, it looks like, is here to stay. In case you want to catch up on the details, we have done a number of detailed articles on the whole thing that can be accessed here, and here.

Some background on the controversy

Last Saturday, Ali Zafar talked to media, for the first time. While talking to the same, he said, “A campaign was running against me on social media based on lies through fake accounts, we’ve complained to FIA to investigate it as it falls under cyber crime and bullying. I’m saddened by the fact that her allies and even one of her lawyers are following these fake accounts and endorsing them.”

Following his appearance on media, Ali gave an interview to GEO TV, where he broke down in tears and requested Meesha Shafi to end the fiasco. You can access the interview here.

Moving on, Ali and his wife Ayesha Fazli who has mostly remained silent throughout the entirety of the case appeared together on ARY News’ morning show, Bekhabar Savera, earlier today. During the interview, Ayesha said she will never be able to forgive the perpetrators, on account of the trauma she and her family had to go through in the past year.

Towards the end of the morning show, Ali Zafar challenged Meesha Shafi to come in front of the media and a court and tell her side of the story. Let’s just wait and see how the situation unfolds now.

Meesha’s legal team responds

In the aftermath of Ali’s interviews and crying episodes, Meesha’s legal team has finally responded.

The statement claims that “no court nor forum has exonerated Ali Zafar.” It further states the reason as to why Meesha’s first case was dismissed and how it can very well come back, in the High Court soon.

As per the statement, “Meesha Shafi filed a case for sexual harassment at the workplace against Ali Zafar before the relevant ombudsperson for sexual harassment at Lahore. The ombudsperson did not hear the case on merits and dismissed it on technical grounds stating that Meesha was not an employee. This order is currently challenged before the Lahore High Court, where emerging jurisprudence gives Meesha Shafi a high chance of success in having the case returned to the ombudsperson so it may finally be heard on merits, and for Ali Zafar be held accountable. No court nor forum has exonerated him.”

The statement also responds to Ali Zafar’s accusations that Meesha has run off to Canada and has thus, played a role in delaying justice.

“In the defamation case, Meesha is represented by her lawyers who are defending her and are fully participating in the court proceedings on her behalf. Meesha personally has no obligation to attend court unless she is summoned,” says the statement.

Towards the end, it also addresses Ali’s latest remarks about Meesha trying to be Malala in the following words: “His insinuation that Meesha wants to get recognition like Malala is equally condemnable as it appears that Ali Zafar believes that Malala made up a false story to get fame and immigration of a foreign country. Malala – the world’s youngest Nobel laureate and Pakistan’s pride is an inspiration to millions of young girls, women and men across the world and it is shameful what Ali Zafar thinks about her.”

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