Morning show host condemned for misbehaving with social media star Nasir Khanjan

Pakistani social media’s relationship with its social media stars has always been tragically complicated, as far as my memory goes. Back in 2011, a Sialkot based young man called Awais Lovely was at the pinnacle of his social media popularity. He would upload pictures and videos of himself dancing and talking about himself. Amusingly, the comment sections under his videos were always filled with abuses and negative remarks where people called him hijrakhusra, attention seeker and what not. However, despite all the negativity, the number of views on his videos kept increasing. Ironical, isn’t it? That’s how it has always been.

Pakistan’s relationship with its social media stars

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end here. This rather hypocritical practice of people flocking to such social media stars’ Facebook and YouTube profiles willingly yet dismissing them and putting them down in the harshest ways possible, goes way back. After Awais Lovely, names such as Qandeel Baloch, Nasir Khanjan were confronted with the same fate. In Qandeel’s case, things were taken a little too far and yet, we haven’t learned as we continue to ignore the consequences our words and comments can entail.

Similarly, the same happened rather recently after Muhammad Shuaeb and Kiran Aftab, the hosts of morning show ‘Naya Din’ for Samaa TV invited the social media star, Nasir Khanjan, to their show yesterday.

Nasir Khanjan on ‘Naya Din’

First of all, before I delve deeper into whatever happened at the show, it is important to understand that TV anchors are not supposed to shout or yell at their guests, that’s just basic manners. Secondly, they cannot impose their opinions on their guests either. They are simply not supposed to do that. However, these are exactly the two things, Muhammad Shuaeb did after he invited Jan to his show. The anchor lost his cool and yelled relentlessly on Nasir for putting up semi-naked pictures of himself on the social media.

Let’s have a look at the clip first.

He told Nasir that he considered his pictures and videos ‘vulgar’ to which Nasir very confidently responded and told him that he has worked hard on his body and while this could be his opinion that his semi-naked videos or pictures are vulgar, he doesn’t think so. But unfortunately, even that didn’t stop Mr. Shuaeb from further humiliating his guest. He continued to yell at him while Nair continued to respond decently.

Pakistani twitterati were quick to notice this irresponsible display of Journalism and called him out on it. Here are a few exhibits:

This one is my favorite though:


Before I wrap this piece up, I would also like to mention that this is not the first time something like this has happened on Naya Din. Previously, the show was condemned for misbehaving with the young doctors.

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