Whatever happened to Hina Altaf’s YouTube channel?

Hina Altaf, the Pakistani actress, VJ, and part-time Youtuber, has done some really great work in the past few years. Some of her prominent projects include Udaari, Aatish, Pagli, and Gumrah. Aside from her work in the television industry, Hina recently also ventured into Youtube and vlogging. Her account almost had 176k subscribers for the longest time. Until recently, however, the channel disappeared into thin air. It was no longer active, her videos were gone, and well, we were all left hanging.

Almost a week ago, Hina rejoined YouTube and her new channel has now 16k subscribers (not a bad start, we must say) and some four videos. Here the question arises; what exactly happened to Hina Altaf’s previous YouTube Channel?

Whatever happened to Hina Altaf’s YouTube channel?

2 days ago, Hina Altaf decided to address the question we’ve all been asking; whatever happened to her YouTube channel? In a 9 minute video, Hina addresses it in detail. Here is everything she revealed:

Hina began by telling her audience that she wants to clarify the air surrounding the disappearance of her YouTube channel. She revealed that she was working in conjunction with a company for her previous channel. Amidst all of this, they (the company and her) had a disagreement about a few things. When they couldn’t reach common ground, the company decided to remove her channel altogether without even asking her. One day, she logged into her account and suddenly it just wasn’t hers anymore.

Now, I did some digging and found out that Hina was working with ‘Dot Republic Media’ which is essentially a multi-channel network. As per their website, “Dot Republic Media is one of the biggest YouTube MCN (Multi-Channel Network) in the region.
With global distribution on more than 130 Networks in 240 countries, we empower the publishers to focus on content creation while we generate revenues for them.” I navigated around the website a little bit and discovered that Hina’s picture and name were still under their ‘Our creators’ list. However, the link to her YouTube channel is longer there.

Here is the full video, where Hina explains how her channel went AWOL, all of a sudden.


Through the video, Hina also shared what motivated her to start a channel of her own. She mentioned how she wanted her fans and people, in general, to share her real life with her. They have seen her in dramas, Tv projects and what not but they don’t know anything about who she is. Hence, this YouTube channel is a glimpse into her real life and real self and this is exactly why instead of fighting with the company that did her wrong, Hina decided to start a new channel, all on her own. Towards the end of the video, she thanked everyone for their support and words of encouragement through all of this.

Hina’s natural demeanor and honest persona make her stand out amongst the many, many YouTubers that inundate the space and they are probably why she is still gaining followers at a rapid pace, despite having lost most her content. We wish her all the best with whatever she has planned for the future.