Aamir Liaquat may just have been fired from his PTV Ramazan show and here’s the inside story

A few days back, Punjab Assembly passed a resolution seeking a ban on celebrities from hosting Ramazan transmissions. Nothing really has been done about it as we see a plethora of celebrities hosting Ramazan shows on almost every channel. While we are no one to make a judgment call on who should and should not be allowed to host these transmissions, we still think that there should be some set rules for these particular shows that do not include distributing babies or force-feeding mangoes to the audiences.

Anyway moving on, this Ramazan, Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain (who needs absolutely no introduction whatsoever) is hosting a Ramazan transmission on the state television aka PTV News.

Has Aamir Liaquat Hussain been (allegedly) fired from his PTV Ramazan show?

Almost two hours ago, a renowned journalist shared the following on Twitter:

This naturally called for speculations and lots of questions from the other tweeps. The alleged reason stated by the same journalist is as follows:

Let’s take a step back and have a look at today’s transmission’s ending:

Towards the end of today’s show, Aamir Liaquat praises Imran Khan in abundance before saying that his journey ends here and that he would like to request his leave from this Ramazan transmission. His goodbye, rather clearly, alludes to his goodbye from the show permanently and as soon as he leaves the set, there is an awkwardness that pervades the studio and his guests which is something that egregiously stood out in today’s transmission. It looked like he left the show before time and that might have been the reason as to why he has been sacked, sources close to Galaxy Lollywood reveal.

Amidst all the bedlam, we decided to visit Aamir Liaquat’s twitter profile where he is seen retweeting some tweets that claim that Mubashir Zaidi’s tweet isn’t based on facts.

Twist in the tale

Aamir Liaquat Hussain has recently been in news for allegedly abandoning his first wife Bushra and his kids after he re-married to his second wife, Tuba. Amusingly, Bushra has also started her own Ramazan show, alongside Ahsan Khan, recently and she has been doing pretty good for herself. The show airs on PTV Home as well as HUM TV thereby, making it a humungous show with a huge viewership.

Sources close to Galaxy Lollywood have revealed that both her and Ahsan Khan are doing a remarkable job with the show and their ratings have been brilliant too. Aamir Liaquat’s show, on the other hand, may just be struggling with ratings and numbers. It has been revealed that Dr. Aamir asked the people in charge at PTV to shut down his first wife’s show through his influence but since didn’t happen, the resulting drama has taken place.

Having said that, there have been no official statements from any of the parties involved, so far and until we have them, we cannot say anything for sure.

UPDATE: Aamir Liaquat just took to his Twitter to clarify the air surrounding his sacking rumors. Here’s what he said:

Let’s wait and see how the situation unfolds.

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