“Hum mazrat khuwa hain, dil se,” Saboor and Saheefa issue a public apology

As most of you know by now, earlier yesterday, actress Saboor Aly uploaded a video of a man cleaning the windows of the set she was shooting at, along with Saheefa Jabbar and Affan Waheed, on her Instagram. It looked like the actors were making fun of the cleaning guy which was just not in good taste. Affan seemed a little uncomfortable with the mockery too.

Some background on the controversy

As soon as social media picked on the video, it got abuzz with criticism for Saboor Aly and her co-stars. However later that day, Saboor Aly took to her Instagram to explain that the man in question was, in fact, their associate director and that it was an inside joke. We even reached out to Saboor and she had the following to say:

“I respect everyone and I can’t even think of disrespecting someone like that. He is our friend and it was an inside joke. People don’t even know the whole story and they are drawing conclusions.”

Some fellow actors such as Ahmed Ali Butt and Yasir Hussain rushed to the girls’ rescue and asked people to not take the whole thing out of context. Here are a few exhibits:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Sherry Rehman, however, condemned the incident, through and through.

Saboor and Saheefa issue a public apology

Amidst all the backlash and the utter bedlam, Saboor Aly and Saheefa Jabbar just took to Instagram to issue an unconditional public apology. The former just uploaded three videos on her Instagram where the two actresses are sitting alongside the man in the video, Ehsan Shaikh. Ehsan clarifies that he is the associate director and that they all work together as a family and joke around like that. He said that he forgives them and that the audience should too.

The second video is Saboor issuing an unconditional public apology. She says that she did not mean to demean any class or profession and that she would like to apologize if it hurt anyone’s sentiments. Saheefa then follows Saboor’s suit and requests the public to find it in their heart to forgive them. She also mentions that she understands that the words they uttered in the video should not have come out on social media.

The videos that Saboor Aly just posted can be viewed here.

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