Looks like Pakistan is getting its very own talent show ‘Pakistan Star’, very soon

We have all grown up watching one talent show or another but unfortunately, they have almost always been either Indian or just generally foreign. We have had a few singing competitions etc. in Pakistan but there hasn’t really been any talent show that hunts for artists of all kinds. Looks like that may be changing very soon as BOL Entertainment is all set to bring us our very own talent show called Pakistan Star – Dum Hai Tu Jeeto.

Pakistan Star to hit our screens after Eid

According to BOL Entertainment’s official Instagram, the auditions are already underway and we have three prominent names from the industry adorning the posters, as judges. These names include Javed Sheikh, Kubra Khan, and Hamza Ali Abbasi. As for the host, our long lost imitation queen Veena Malik will be hosting it.

While talking to DAWN Images, here is what Veena herself had to say about the said show: “It’s a reality show where we are hunting for acting, singing, dancing, and comedy. There aren’t many acting schools and dancing schools in Pakistan but I was pleasantly surprised to see how full of talent Pakistan is. Ninety percent of the candidates have learned it on their own and haven’t been trained professionally.”

As for the auditions and the selection process, Veena explained the same rather thoroughly, “There was an audition call first, we got almost 15000 entries from all over Pakistan. We have not made any official announcements yet but I think we’ll go ahead in full swing with the publicity campaign after Eid.”

She then went on to mention how she loves doing reality shows as they aren’t fully scripted and have an element of spontaneity to them. She also mentioned that she is super happy to be a part of the show, “I think through this show some very good talent will come out in terms of singing, comedy, acting, and dance”, and she is very happy to be a part of it.”

The talent show, Pakistan Star – Dum Hai Tu Jeeto, is expected to hit our TV screens after Eid and honestly, we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.