Actor Faizan Shaikh vents about HUM TV and Moomal Productions for harassing his sister

Faizan Shaikh, the actor and model, who played the role of Biscuit in Parchi and will be seen in the upcoming Heer Maan Ja as well, has been in the industry for almost 7 years now and has put on some stellar performances in a number of dramas. The actor is Parveen Akbar’s son while his sister Rabya Kulsoom is also an up and coming actress.

Later last night, Faizan took to his Facebook to talk about an issue that plagues the industry, more than we would like to admit. In a long Facebook post, Faizan narrated an incident where his sister Rabya was not given her due payment as a major chunk of it was allegedly unjustly withheld by Moomal Productions.

Here is the full post:

What all went down

As per the post, Rabya was harassed and mistreated by the officials involved and they even threatened to get her UK visa canceled. A little background on the story: Rabya was doing a drama under Moomal productions and according to the post, she had already informed them of her intent to leave for a trip to the UK, a month in advance. However, when the time came, the officials involved began acting up and here is what went down.

“Rabya was threatened by Anila Mushtaq that if she leaves the country and doesn’t shoot, HUM TV will ban her and she will never be cast by anyone in the industry. Furthermore, HUM TV will get her UK visa canceled. AD Saif Khan, shouted on her and tried to harass her on set by being loud and pushy,” wrote Faizan.

“People who have worked with my mother, very well know how professional she is. Rabya came back and joined the set and the work was completed in just 1 day with 10 scenes only and the project was completed,” continued Faizan.

However, the real problem began when Moomal Productions refused to pay Rabya her just due.

“JUST TODAY: Rabya got her final cheque which was supposed to be 182K and she got a cheque of only 30K with a letter from Mmoomal production with the break down of all the expenses they had to bear in order to shoot with Rabya’s body double meanwhile she was away. Is this right? Is this justified?” Faizan asked the production house.

One of the Hum Tv’s PR representatives who we got in touch with, however, said that HUM Tv has no association whatsoever with anything that happened other than the fact that the drama is airing on HUM. The people mentioned in Faizan’s post are not HUM employees and we do not interfere with the way independent production houses work.

What the parties involved themselves have to say

Amidst all the bedlam, we though it would be best to reach out to all the parties involved. While talking to Galaxy Lollywood, Faizan mentioned how his sister left the sets crying but no one had the courtesy to check up on her.

“[After the post] I got a lot of messages telling and sharing incidents where many artists went through the same with the same production house i.e. Moomal productions; a couple of them on my post and a couple of them in the inbox. Many warned me that I will get a legal notice very soon from them. The AD messaged me, apologized again and said that whatever has happened is sad. The director claims to be unaware of the whole situation. No one has reached out from Moomal or Hum tv as of yet,” told Faizan.

We reached out to HUM TV’s PR as well (as mentioned earlier) and were told that “production houses such as Moomal Productions are independent and that HUM TV has no role to play in their payment schedules or in how they pay.”

We, therefore, reached out to the production house itself but are yet to get a response. We will update this piece as soon as we get a response from the house.

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