“I am not very great at interacting with women,” Fahad Mustafa gets candid about his life and career

It is not every day that you come across actors with such versatility and talent, that one is at a loss of words when introducing them. Fahad Mustafa is one such example, and it won’t be wrong to say that this guy is an all-rounder when it comes to the entertainment industry of Pakistan. Very few people are aware of the fact that he is the son of the renowned actor, Salahuddin Tunio, as this man has made a mark of his own, unabashedly.

Although he made his debut in 2003 as an actor, he was first recognized in Sheeshay Ka Mahal. He ventured into television production in 2008 and has produced numerous super hit dramas since then under the banner of Big Bang Entertainment, the most recent being Cheekh and Bandish. Fahad has also been a host to morning shows and many award ceremonies. Despite his acting and production skills, Fahad is the most famous for his game show, Jeeto Pakistan that he has been hosting on ARY digital since 2014. From every child to every adult in Pakistan, everyone recognizes this man for all the diverse roles that he has played.

Fahad Mustafa opens up about his career journey, weight loss and more

An extremely humble person, in a recent interview with Shaista Lodhi, Fahad opened up about the journey of his life and revealed some candid details that we were never aware of. Fahad began by telling Shaista that he never thought he would be the star that he is today. According to the man himself, his career hit it off when he had given up all hope of becoming a star. Then one night, he was offered Jeeto Pakistan and his life turned around.

Amidst all of this, one thing that scares this superstar the most is being disrespected, due to which he has been very down-to-earth despite the stardom that he has achieved.  A very private and confined person, Fahad is seen as a totally opposite person on Jeeto Pakistan, with his witty and friendly attitude. Fahad mentions that the reason he is not very vocal on social media and generally in real life is because he doesn’t think everyone needs to give an opinion on everything and as mentioned earlier, he doesn’t like being disrespected. 

According to Fahad, he has evolved emotionally, as a person significantly in the past few years. Shaista and Fahad then went on to talk about his weight loss journey and his evolved sense of fashion. We are all aware that nowadays Fahad Mustafa is known as a trendsetter due to the ensembles that he wears on his show Jeeto Pakistan that are highly appreciated. However, things weren’t always like this. Fahad has made some questionable fashion choices in the past. “Pehle paise nai hotay thay, ab Allah ne diya hai tou kar lete hain,” told Fahad, unapologetically. 

Fahad is not a fan of social media

Not a fan of social media either, Fahad has never been in the headlines for scandals. “I am not very great at interacting with women, I just don’t know how to do that so I mostly don’t interact with them outside of work. That’s why there are never scandals about me,” he told Shaista.

Fahad is loved for his shy and respectful attitude and there isn’t one man on or off screen who has a problem with this guy or vice versa. Extremely respectful towards his fellow actors, Fahad has always praised his seniors as well as his competitors. Moving on while expressing his disinterest towards social media, the star revealed, “I hate Instagram. I have not been active on Facebook for a long time,” and honestly, we cannot help but commend his restraint and indifference towards all things unreal.

An extremely focused and honest person, Fahad is one of those Pakistani superstars who deserve all the praise they get. Whether it be acting, production or hosting, this man stands out amongst his contenders. According to Fahad, he has produced over 90 dramas in the past 5 years or so. He also expressed his desire to cast names like Bilal Abbas and Feroze Khan if he ever made a movie where he wasn’t the lead. We have nothing but best wishes for this guy and cannot wait what this man has in store for us next.

You can watch the full interview here:


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