Nine witnesses come forward to refute Meesha’s harassment allegations against Ali Zafar

Many events have unfolded involving the Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar controversy since Meesha first broke the ice in April last year. Meesha Shafi, in a tweet on 19th April 2018, accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment.

Since then, this controversy has resulted in a number of lawsuits from both parties, a boycott of Ali’s film Teefa In Trouble and a boycott of the 2019 Lux Style Awards by several members of the community as well as the industry. 

Just last week we saw a landmark decision made by the LHC on sexual harassment laws. More on that here

Just the day before yesterday, witnesses from the jamming session (which according to Meesha is where she was harassed) appeared in court to give their testimonies.

Here’s what went down

So on the 29th and 30th of May, a total of nine eyewitnesses recorded their testimonies on oath in the court starring Meesha Shafi’s allegation against Ali Zafar as false and frivolous.

The nine musicians included two women in their cross-examinations by the lawyers of Ms. Shafi. Both Kanza Munir and Aqsa Ali said they were shocked to hear what Miss Shafi had to say and found it their moral obligation as women to speak the truth.

The nine eyewitnesses included Asad Ahmed (Guitarist), Muhammad Ali Zafar (Bass Player), Qaiser Zain ul Abedin (Drummer), Joshua Keyth Benjamin (Keyboardist), Kashif Chamman (Percussionist), Muhammad Taqi (Saxophone player), Baqir Abbass (Flute player), Kanza Munir (Female Backing Vocals) and Aqsa Ali (Female Backing Vocals).

Qaiser Zain ul Abedin (Drummer) said he was behind the singers and watching them all the time during the jamming session and he could’ve never missed catching anything if anything even close to what Miss Shafi said had happened.

Where does this go from here?

Even with all the major developments, this still seems like a developing case. With nine eyewitnesses already having given their testimonies, more eyewitnesses have been summoned to appear in court. The next hearing for said eyewitnesses will be held on 11th of June.

We here at Galaxy Lollywood have been covering all the industry news revolving around this controversy since last year. We hope this issue gets resolved ASAP but from we’ve seen so far, we think it’s far from over.

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