Veena Malik and Sania Mirza got into a Twitter fight last night, here’s what went down

Sunday witnessed Pakistan losing to India in the Cricket World Cup 2019 and all hell broke loose. Tweets were exchanged, a lot was said and done but the story didn’t end there.

Last night, someone on Twitter shared a video of Sania Mirza sitting at what looked like a Sheesha cafe with her husband Shoaib Malik, her son and a few others. Sania was not at all happy at this blatant breach of her privacy.

This is where Veena Malik jumped into the conversation. She called Sania out for taking her son to a sheesha cafe and also asked if going out for junk food was good for her as an athlete/athlete’s wife and a mother.

Sania didn’t take someone schooling her on how to be a good mom or a good wife very well, and rightfully so. I mean Shoaib and Sania are adults, if they wanted to have junk food, so be it.

The situation was aggravated further after Sania referred to Veena’s ‘not so decent’ magazine shoots but then deleted her tweet but Veena was quick to notice it.

Sania refused to indulge in the conversation any further and blocked Veena (YIKES!).

But Veena went on to make another Twitter thread and talked about how it was high time people stopped bringing her past that she has tried hard to move on from (that is a rather fair point).

Last but not least, Shoaib Malik also jumped into the conversation yesterday and urged everyone to not drag athletes’ families into petty discussions.

What do you think of this feud between Sania and Veena? Let us know in the comments.


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