Momina Mustehsan and Uzair Jaswal may just be dating, here’s what we know

Momina Mustehsan and Uzair Jaswal first made their way to the headlines together after the two announced that they were collaborating for a song titled ‘Hamesha’. When the news came out, Uzair told the following in an interview, “Momina and I go way back to school times. We always used to talk about collaborating but because I was here and busy with acting and singing, and Momina was always on the go, things didn’t seem to work out.” So the two have been childhood buds, more or less.

Prior to the news of their collaboration, the two of them sang ‘Tere Bin’ together at the Lahore Music Meet 2017 and looked rather adorable. Now it looks like, they may have taken their music relationship a notch higher by started dating. The signs may be subtle but they are there and well, haven’t escaped our eagle eyes.

Here’s what we know:

While the two of them haven’t really put up pictures with each other on their social media, we cannot help but notice a constant in a few of Momina’s recent (and also not so recent) posts; Uzair and vice versa. They are seen hanging out a lot, too.

Here is an exhibit for y’all!

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Sunday vibe!! 💯@mominamustehsan

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Exhibit B

Isn’t that caption adorable? (Hint: yes, it is!)

Now, moving on to exhibit C

This one is from a group hangout in Lahore.

Here’s hoping these two make their relationship official super soon (no pressure from our side, only if they want to but we definitely wouldn’t mind it).

What do you make of this whole situation? Let us know in the comments.

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