Sarmad Khoosat Is Scriptwriter For The Lux Style Awards And We’re A Little Confused

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Ever since 2002, when it first launched, the Lux Style Awards platform has grown tremendously. With the advent of social media it has managed to reach an even bigger audience. While that is positive, it also means the awards give out more room for critics to speak out. Thus, the awards and its associates owe its audience answers to problematic decisions.

The 18th Lux Style Awards happening this weekend on the 7th of July has been a long time coming. The award show has been marred by controversy owing to the panel’s decision to nominate Ali Zafar for his role in Teefa in Trouble. Ali, for a few months, has been at the center of sexual harassment allegations made by Meesha Shafi. This move eventually led Eman Suleman to start what we can call a “trend” of many talented individuals rejecting their nominations including Meesha Shafi herself.

Recent developments

The decision to nominate an alleged sexual harasser has been deemed “low”, and nominees dropping out have been supported by many people, including Sarmad Khoosat, as seen here:

However, as of yesterday, Sarmad Khoosat is the official scriptwriter for the Lux Style Awards. The award show sent out a press release dated the 1st of July stating, “The LUX Style Awards office is proud to present Sarmad Khoosat as the shows’ official script
writer for the iconic LUX Style Awards 2019. A well-renowned name in Pakistani film and television, Sarmad is known for creating memorable dramas and films that resonate with Pakistani audiences. This year, he is taking his skills to #LSA2019 providing a fresh take, and a unique view to the script and show.”

Turning a blind eye?

The talented actor, writer, director is known to plan his projects around social issues and taboos, made evident by Manto, Akhri Station, Baaghi and even a live 24-hour performance of a death-row prisoner called No Time To Sleep. So in light of the controversial developments surrounding Lux Style Awards, it comes as a surprise that Sarmad has chosen to be scriptwriter for the show.

Source: Geo Films

Talking about his role in the press release, Khoosat expressed “this is my first time writing a script for a show of this grand scale. It is a challenge surely, but it also a great honor. Working alongside the LUX Style Awards team to bring this show to life is very exciting and I can not wait to see what we all produce together. The audience is surely in for a ride”.

There is no word from Khoosat on why he opted for the role. Keeping in mind his support for Meesha Shafi, Eman Suleman, Saima Bargfrede by calling them “nidarr larkiyan” and also saying “we stand with all of you” via a retweet of Meesha’s note, we don’t know what to make of this.

In the end

The Lux Style Awards is without a doubt one of the leading award shows in the country. The LSAs became a catalyst for bringing fashion, TV and film into the mainstream. It paved the way for healthier competition for these growing industries, giving recognition to those who outdid themselves. Regardless of the controversy surrounding it, let’s hope the script by Sarmad Khoosat for the Lux Style Awards is unique and addresses the current climate.

What do you think about this move?


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