Of ‘Balma Baghoda’ And The Grand Filmi Music Of ‘Parey Hut Love’

parey hut love

If there is one reaction that the trailer of Parey Hut Love got unanimously, it was that it looks grand and promises to have a magnificent soundtrack. These are certainly two factors that the makers of the film are proudly owning up to after a look at the film’s launch party. That said, the three songs previewed in the trailer all sound very promising.

About Balma Baghoda

But let’s talk about what was not in the trailer. Recently, the Parey Hut Love team shot a special song for the film and officially wrapped up the film. The tight-lipped treatment of the song definitely came as a surprise considering how the film has been very open about its shooting process. So, I rang up Asim Raza to find out exactly how many songs he has planned for this film and who exactly is this Balma Bhagoda that has made a last-minute entry to the film?

“The song’s title is a fun jibe towards Sheheryar’s character in the film who is a commitment phobic”, chuckled Asim when I asked him about this rather eccentric alliteration. “Shooting Balma Bhagoda was very fun as it has the primary cast of the film just having a blast. It is more like the team of Parey Hut Love celebrating this crazy journey we have had over the past year”.

parey hut love
Source: The Vision Factory Films

Well, the title of the song certainly is fun and with Aima Baig being the pleasant voice behind it, it would not be wrong to assume that chart buster potential is looming over it. Luckily enough, we will get to hear it soon if not watch it.

“We plan on having a music launch very soon. There are six songs in the soundtrack and the audios of all the songs, including Balma, would be released together alongside a music video of a song from the film not featured in the trailer”, expressed Asim.

What is the sound like?

“The music of Parey Hut Love is very grand, very filmy, and very Pakistani”, Asim said further. “The Pakistani film music has a very distinct sound and we have tried to capture that essence with Parey Hut Love’s music. I have noticed how the music in Pakistani films has veered into an alternate music category recently and we have tried to stay true to its soul with Parey Hut Love.”

parey hut love
Source: The Vision Factory Films

This naturally brings up the question: why does the trailer not feature more music? The whole celebratory, party feel from the movies come in the shape of music in a film. It is the one thing the audience gets instantly attracted to. We deliberately cut the trailer in a way that does not focus on the music and instead introduces the main characters to the audience to show ke film mein sirf naach gaana nahin hai”.

Asim explained the purpose of a film’s trailer is to just give the audience a tiny glimpse of what’s in store for them. And he feels that purpose was achieved perfectly with the trailer they chose for Parey Hut Love.

Shaadi is a prevalent theme

With the topic of the trailer already up for discussions, I asked Asim what he felt about the few criticisms the film has already gotten based on the trailer i.e. the film looks like a typical shaadi film that has become too common in the industry.

“Just because the film has the backdrop of a shaadi does not mean it is a film that revolves around a shaadi”, Asim retorted. “Weddings are the one affair in our country that are celebrated by everyone, regardless of which social class they belong to. The audience instantly connects to and relates to the festivities of a wedding. We cannot exclude the common audience from our films and show them disco parties that are exclusive to a very small social class of the country”.

parey hut love
Source: The Vision Factory Films

Additionally, Asim Raza added that “there is a reason why Parey Hut Love is an Eid film. It has the scale and the grandness that the audience wants from a Badi Eid film. There is nothing wrong in taking themes that the audience can connect to and resizing them to a film-like scale for them to enjoy. This is what a Pakistani entertainer is all about”.

On that note, I bid adieu from Asim who is currently busy giving the final few touches to the film’s editing. As a parting note, Asim promised that more about the film will be revealed, with time, as they release the songs and the music videos. He believes there should just be enough left unseen to create hype around the film’s final edit as it prepares to release over Eid ul Azha.



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