Is the trio of Ahad, Wahaj and Osman starring in ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie 2’?

Alpha Bravo Charlie 2

In a congratulatory tweet to Ahad Raza Mir on his engagement to Sajal Aly, DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor, revealed exciting news. The Major-General hinted at a new drama which will most likely be aired on Independence Day.

In his message, Major-General Asif Ghafoor expressed, “heartiest congrats Ahad, Sajal & families on the engagement. Stay blessed. Millions of Pakistani viewers and your fans should be ready to see you on screen in a lifetime role for ISPR as Capt. Saad during this August, IA”.


Now, this tweet sent Ahad fans in a flurry with everyone trying to find out more details about this secretive project. We did some digging on our own and here is what we have found out.

Alpha Bravo Charlie 2 in the making?

Now, while we haven’t been able to get an official confirmation from any party involved we have been hearing certain whispers from industry insiders. Some say its a fresh new take on the classic Alpha Bravo Charlie making it a sequel of sorts, others say its an ISPR funded project on similar lines but not exactly like the cult show. But one thing is for sure, it is military fiction project with men in the army wardi

As for the casting, yet again there are no official confirmations but certain names are being floated around. Ahad is obviously the most talked-about member given the confirmation from DG ISPR himself, other names that are potentially a part of the project include Wahaj Ali, Osman Khalid Butt, and Ahmed Ali Akbar, but again no confirmations as such.

We’ve already seen Ahad in an air force uniform in Parwaaz Hai Junoon, so we’re rather excited to see how he dons the army wardi. Wahaj Ali who has featured previously in Haiwan, Dil Nawaz and Hari Hari Chooriyan will also be part of the project. We don’t know yet of any female in a lead or supporting role.

There have been several ISPR-funded projects before

This isn’t the first time the ISPR has created dramas for television. Action-packed thrillers and dramas dominated television screens in the form of Sunehre Din in 1991 and throughout the late 90s. Shahpar, PNS Ghazi have in the past earned remarkable success but Shoaib Mansoor’s Alpha Bravo Charlie went on to become a cult-favorite.

ahad raza mir
Source: PTV

Many actors, some debuting and some oldies, have been part of these projects which have been assisted in writing, direction, production by the military. The ‘military fiction’ these roles have portrayed through its actors was able to resonate massively among the audiences. There was no cable at the time, no cellphones, no social media, and these television shows were all the rage.

Moreover, in addition to producing television shows, ISPR has also been behind some of the big hits that have come out of Pakistani Cinema. Films such as Yalghaar, Waar and upcoming Kaaf Kangana are a few such projects.

Stay tuned to Galaxy Lollywood for more updates on the upcoming special drama.


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