Ahmad Ali Butt And Iqra Aziz To Play A Married Couple In Upcoming Drama ‘Jhooti’

ahmad ali butt

In an interview with Something Haute, Ahmad Ali Butt revealed that he will soon be starring in a drama serial with the Suno Chanda megastar, Iqra Aziz.

The upcoming project called ‘Jhooti’ will feature the rather interesting duo as a couple, in which Butt will play the role of a middle-class shop owner. Iqra Aziz will feature as his wife, on whom the drama title is based. She will be playing the role of a compulsive liar, so we’re guessing we will be exposed to some dramatic and intense home entertainment.

Ahmad Ali Butt has been absent from television for a while, despite his acting big break coming through television, when he starred in Jutt and Bond alongside Fawad Khan. He expressed that he hadn’t really left television but just got caught up with film offers.

However, those who missed him, do not have to miss him so much now. After appearing in big successes like JPNA 1 and 2, Punjab Nahi Jaungi, and now Parey Hut Love, Butt is set to make a comeback to television with ‘Jhooti’.

ahmad ali butt
Source: ARY Films

Ahmad’s only demand from the producer Abdullah Seja was to get a script that was fresh. The character that Ahmad Ali Butt will be playing is rumored to be called Nasir, who has parents to look after and a lying wife to deal with. The mood of his character will, unlike his many roles, be serious.

We’re looking forward to getting more updates on the ‘Jhooti‘. More than that we’re excited to see how this pairing between him and Iqra is.


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