Mahira Khan And Bilal Ashraf’s Jodi Sizzles in The New ‘Superstar’ Song ‘Bekaraan’


Momina Duraid’s Superstar has been on all of our minds ever since it was announced, and it’s no secret that the on-screen electrifying jodi of Bilal Ashraf and Mahira Khan has kept the news mill abuzz for a while. A new song from the film titled ‘Bekaraan’ released last night and has set social media ablaze. The song featuring Mahira and Bilal was trending on all social media platforms and was also the #1 trend on Twitter last night in Pakistan.

The Sizzling Chemistry

Mahira and Bilal share crackling chemistry and after Fawad Khan, Mahira finally gets another costar with whom she shares natural chemistry and is comfortable on-screen. The two have danced beautifully together and also have given nuanced expressions depicting love, pain, and intensity with a touch of excitement in between.

Mahira, as always, is drop-dead-gorgeous with her outfits on point. However, it is her dreamy eyes that do the talking on her behalf and take the prize. Bilal Ashraf looks sharp and a perfect fit in Superstar’s world of glitz and glamour. Also, the actor’s new super lean avatar will definitely have the girls drooling.

The Grand Visuals and Music

Created by the acclaimed director, Ehteshamuddin, the cinematography looks top-notch.
The art direction deserves a special mention, the chandeliers, and wall paintings are spectacular. The sets are lavish and grand – enough to create a present-day magnum opus. The costumes are well-coordinated and suit the theme, with black providing a sense of intensity and romance.

The composition of Bekaraan’ is by the talented duo Azaan Sami Khan and Saad Sultan. The lyricist, Shakeel Sohail, has penned down lyrics such as “mei bechain hoon, beqaraar ishq mein” which hit all the right spots. Ali Sethi and Zeb Bangash have done a fabulous job with the vocals.

Although an outdoor sequence, something on the mountains maybe, is missed in the song, given the vibe of the music. But the flawless choreography, music, and intensity do make up for it and give us a beautiful song. All eyes are now on the trailer.