Hina Altaf Calls Muneeb Butt A Bad Actor, Aiman Khan Jumps To The Rescue

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Everybody has opinions regarding everything they see on the internet nowadays. But at times, the luxury of offering an opinion is one that our superstars cannot afford. Another certain incident has caught our eye regarding VJ-turned-actress, Hina Altaf, and power couple Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt.

What happened

A video of Hina Altaf is making the internet’s rounds where the actress was sitting for an interview. In To Be Honest, a show hosted by Tabish, he asked Hina, “Aisa kon sa actor hai jis ko acting nahi ati per bharram pooray deta hai, pooray sau rupay kay?”. Hina instantly said, “Muneeb Butt”.

Here’s a video of what was said:

The host then proceeded to Google Muneeb Butt ‘kyun ke mujhey nahi pata kon hai’.
Hina identified Muneeb with #AineebKiShaadi, the trending Instagram hashtag for his and Aiman’s wedding, to which the host suddenly had a revelation, “ohhh 50 crore ki shaadi” to which Hina stated she hadn’t been invited. The host further added, “50 crore ki shaadi wala, jin ki wife ne shaadi ke doosray din mehndi se likha jahaiz khori band karo”.

This video was later shared by Aiman and Minal Khan on their Facebook profiles with the captions conveying their dismay and calling both, the host and guest, uneducated. They also spoke about how people should not make fun of their colleagues and not hate so much.

What we think

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In our opinion, Hina did not do anything wrong by taking Muneeb’s name as she was asked a question and responded with honesty. It is well within her rights to like or dislike someone’s acting and to express her opinion on it. Hence, there was nothing uneducated about the video snippet.

We do acknowledge that the next part where the host pretended not to know Muneeb, as well as bringing his and Aimen’s wedding, a personal matter, into the whole thing was a bit much.

As for the reaction from the twins, people are bound to feel bad when someone speaks ill of their family but maybe a bit more tolerance towards such things would help? After all, your craft can not be loved by everyone. There have to be a few naysayers and you can not pick battles with everyone that doesn’t agree with you.

What do you guys think about it?