Mohsin Calls Gohar A Naqli Gawah, Cites Personal Reasons Behind Witness Statement

The ongoing domestic abuse case between Mohsin Abbas and wife, Fatema Sohail is still going strong. Now, with statements recorded from both sides, the public is divided.

Gohar’s Part


From Fatema’s side, witnesses are coming forward one after the other and the most prominent among them is Gohar Rasheed.

Gohar had originally posted a statement claiming to be a second-hand witness to the abuse. He said that he only knew Mohsin in passing but had learned of the incidents when a mutual friend had taken Fatema to the hospital, following a “beating”. He also claimed to have seen the pictures, reports, and talked to Fatema on the phone at the time of the incident after which he had come to believe her. Gohar also maintains that Fatema had been trying to save the marriage so he did not come forward with the story.


He recently also came on a television segment along with Fatema to show public support to her cause.

Mohsin Responds

Following the show of support, Mohsin responded to Gohar’s support and Fatema’s allegations in a video.

Mohsin started by saying that Gohar’s connection to the case was actually his girlfriend, who was also friends with Fatema. Mohsin called Gohar a “naqli gawah” and said that he was saying all kinds of things based on his girlfriend’s whims. He further defended his case by saying that Gohar was never present at the jaa-e-waqua (place of the incident), he wasn’t even a neighbor, rather just a part of a grand plan against Mohsin.


Mohsin divulged some more details when he said that Gohar had acted as an “informant” in the past for Fatema. According to him, Gohar had worked with Nazish Jahangir and reported her comings and goings to Fatema, who suspected Mohsin of having an affair with Nazish. So, he had an old link to the case as well.

Mohsin concluded his statement by saying, “Men unn se hamdardi hi kar sakta hoon ke wo yeh sab karnay pe majboor hain“, once again, claiming that Gohar’s motives for speaking up lie in his relationship.

Final Word

Mohsin and Fatema both are building up their case. We only hope the matter gets resolved quickly and justly with due punishment dealt soon.