We Need To Talk About Ali Rehman Khan’s 100% Success Ratio

ali rehman khan

Starting from an indie film, and performing exceptionally well in his subsequent releases, Ali Rehman Khan has come a long way as a film actor. Interestingly, the star who is now gearing up for his third commercial release has an enviable box office success rate. Yes, in an industry where the biggest of stars have shaky box office report cards, Ali is probably one of the very few lucky actors who has a 100% success ratio at the box office.


Back in 2010, Ali Rehman Khan starred in an indie feature film alongside many other now prominent faces of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Unfortunately, the film was not released in Pakistan due to the censor board refusing to clear it without cuts. But the film did get screened at various film festivals around the world. Shot on a shoestring budget, Slackistan showed the life of some 20-something-year-olds living in Islamabad and deals with their mundane day-to-day life struggles. It had a unique insider’s view of the elite class of Islamabad and their apathy towards issues like the Taliban’s threats and the general political situation of the country.


Janaan was Ali Rehman’s first venture in mainstream cinema, and he shined like a man on fleek. Janaan was the film that made Ali Rehman Khan into a heartthrob – the boy next door we all ogle over; a brother we all root for and a lover we are attracted to. He starred opposite Armeena Khan and Bilal Ashraf and the film highlighted the often-stereotyped Pashtun culture in a positive and relatable manner and was a commercial success like no other. The film made more than 30 crores at the global box office, a number which no one had expected, skyrocketing Ali and everyone involved with the film to stardom.


Ali Rehman Khan’s next film released in 2018 was also a huge success. A non-Eid release, Parchi was a crime comedy film, a genre relatively unexplored by the Pakistani filmmakers. Despite the risks of the genre and the release date, Parchi went on to become a huge success commercially and gave Ali Rehman Khan yet another hit in his bag. The film was made on a budget of 4 crores and ended its run at 10+ crores emerging as a blockbuster.

Ali Rehman Khan has a very impressive mark sheet for a film actor in Pakistan nowadays. These days Khan is busy promoting his upcoming film alongside Hareem Farooq. With such impeccable record, all eyes are set on Heer Maan Jaa and whether it will be able to hold up the record of hits. We wish Ali Rehman Khan all the best and hope for his film to yet again have another successful run at the box office!


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