The Five Year Long Filmy History Behind Sheheryar And Maya’s Relationship

The Munshi Show

If you have been following the news and promotions about the upcoming badi Eid release Parey Hut Love, you would know that the relationship between the film’s lead characters, Sheheryar and Saniya, and their love story which is the core of the film, develops over multiple encounters that happen between the two of them throughout the film’s story. But what if we tell you that the lead actors of the film, Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali, themselves also had a similar journey of forming a relationship like their characters do in the film?

In the opening episode of GalaxyLollywood’s very own celebrity talk show, The Munshi Show, this beautiful lead couple of PHL, who have been wowing the audience with their effortless chemistry and comfortable bond for quite some time now, sat down and revealed the entire history of their relationship and we must say, it is no less than any filmy story out there.

Not the best beginning.

Seeing the bond that these two young and beautiful share with each other now, it surely comes as a surprise that their beginnings were not the most ideal. Talking about the first time they worked together for a magazine’s cover shoot back in 2014, Sheheryar revealed that his encounter with Maya was not the most ideal as she wasn’t in the best of moods that day due to some reasons, and his attempts to cheer her up by some playful leg-pulling in front of everyone backfired on him badly.

“She just turned around and gave me this look and said, “Har cheez mazaak nahin hoti.” That day I realized that she is quite dangerous and I should maintain distance from her.” Sheheryar recalled cheekily.

He further talked about their next professional stint together sometime later, another cover shoot but this time for an international magazine, and explained how they had kept a complete distance from each other throughout and how they don’t even have any memories from that shoot.

Fresh starts.

This rather awkward relationship the two shared changed on the set of Maya’s first TVC as a Lux girl where Sheheryar was both working as an AD and a producer, as well as had a brief cameo in the TVC as well. Maya talked about how she had been the one to approach Sheheryar on the sets because she reckoned he was in a bad mood as he looked uncharacteristically serious. But when she asked him the reason behind his somber mood, Sheheryar replied that he was fine and he was just in character for the shoot.

“I burst into laughter. He had only three shots in the entire TVC. What could the “character” for those three shots possibly demand from him?” Maya quipped.

Sheheryar then explained that he had been deliberately acting a little hard to get that day with her. Nevertheless, that was when they had first started talking. Then a few months later, Maya had messaged him her compliments about a shoot that he had done and that’s how they had continued on the path of having a good relationship. It was around this time in 2017 that in an interview, Sheheryar had famously expressed his desire to work with Maya in a project.

All’s well that ends well

Maya revealed that after that, she and Sheheryar shared a cordial but very formal relationship until she signed on forĀ Parey Hut Love last year. Sheheryar said that their friendship kicked off during the pre-shoot rehearsals for Parey Hut Love. And the rest is, as they say, history.

Well, that’s certainly a very interesting and filmy history to a relationship that, right now, is nothing but goals. The dynamic that this duo share is captivating and it can clearly be seen in the way their energies are in sync with each other. All of which can be seen in The Munshi Show.

To watch them share their awkward, hilarious, and adorable beginnings as well as demonstrate how far they have come since then, share exclusive and interesting insights like Maya’s superhero avatar during the shoot of PHL and Sheheryar’s marriage plans, and so much more, go and check out the first episode of The Munshi Show. Right now!