It’s Official: Hamza Ali Abbasi Confirms Marriage To Naimal Khawar

2019 surely is the year of celebrity engagements and weddings. First, Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly went official by posting their engagement picture on their respective instagram handles, and the industry burst into congratulatory messages for this much adored young couple. Then, Yasir Hussain proposed to Iqra Aziz at the 19th Lux Style Awards and for a while that was all that everyone talked about. But little did we know that the real surprise from the tinsel town was in the pipeline.

A day ago, Hamza Ali Abbasi began to trend of social media once again but this time for a reason so surprising that no one saw it coming – his impending marriage. And that too with the current star on the rise, Naimal Khawar! Screenshots of the invitation cards for the couple’s upcoming nikaah and valima ceremony were posted alongside the news, making this announcement not just a speculation but an event just days away from becoming a reality.

The Confirmation

Without wasting any more time than necessary, Hamza Ali Abbasi took to his Facebook and confirmed this news himself. In a long message, Hamza wrote about how in his journey of becoming a better human being and getting closer to the Almighty, he had a rather surprising change of heart that made him propose to his long-time friend Naimal for marriage. Emphasizing on them having a platonic relationship before and not being involved in any dating scene, Hamza wrote about how he hadn’t popped the question because he was deeply in love with Naimal, but instead he had decided to take this life-altering step of his life because it is an act that pleases Allah. And how he is now very happy and satisfied that he asked the question and Naimal said yes to it.

“Now we can’t even breathe without each other!” reads a line in Hamza’s post which beautifully explains the love that these two have formed for each other after being bound in this relationship that is to last for a lifetime, InShaAllah.

The post ends with Hamza affirming that the two are set to get married in a small nikaah ceremony on the 25th August, followed by a small valima on the 26th August.

Hamza’s full post can be read here. On twitter Hamza has, in true Hamza Ali Abbasi cheeky manner, praised Naimal for being okay with a “ganja” Hamza on their nikaah day (Hamza has recently performed Hajj and as per the final obligation for the completion of the pilgrimage, the male pilgrims are to shave off their head.) It made us all go, “awwww!” at this rather adorable display of affection from Hamza’s side for his future wife.

It will be interesting to see how Hamza, a Punjabi, and Naimal, a Pashtun, blend their diverse cultures at their small but definitely intimate wedding ceremony. Team GalaxyLollywood wishes them all the luck and happiness, and pray for this about-to-be-married-soon couple all the best wishes for their new life together!


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