Did Mohsin Abbas Haider Just Cryptically Announce His Marriage To Nazish Jahangir?

Not long ago, Mohsin Abbas Haider was drowning in a controversy regarding domestic abuse. His wife, Fatima Sohail, had accused him of abusing her verbally and physically while she was pregnant with their child. Fatima also accused Mohsin of not supporting for and caring for their child once he was born. The controversy had created a lot of noise with everyone from the social media awaam to industry folks giving their two cents about the situation.

The accused and the defendant both held press conferences to tell their sides of the stories, witnesses supporting Fatima’s allegations also went on-record on national television, and Mohsin had to face backlash from the entire entertainment industry, with colleagues and friends publicly announcing distance from him. The popular show on Dunya News, Mazaaq Raat, of which Mohsin had been a part for a very long time, also cut ties with Mohsin till the matter was settled and Mohsin’s innocence was proved. But that’s all in the past and you can read all about it here and here.

The Other Woman

Apart from domestic violence allegations, Fatima had also accused Mohsin of having an affair with a model/actress Nazish Jahangir. Fatima came under oath to say that Mohsin had been with Nazish during her pregnancy and would openly talk to her while abusing Fatima.

Mohsin had naturally denied all these claims and called Nazish Jahangir a “mutual friend.” Nazish had also taken to her Instagram and denied any such relationship while urging people to listen to both sides of the story before getting on her case.

Recent Development

This matter was heavily covered by the media with new developments happening almost every day. But once the matter went into court and both the sides were done sharing their sides of the story, the dust more or less settled down, and the world moved on to newer things. But then, something rather interesting caught our attention.

One of Mohsin’s fanpages on Instagram posted a collage of his and Nazish’s picture with the caption “Best Couple Soon’. Usually, such posts are dismissed as wishful thinking on the fan’s part. Numerous fanpages tend to get involved in the whole shipping business, not all of which have any basis in reality. But when such posts gets endorsed by the celebrities in question, that is when things unwittingly become serious.

There was a comment under the post by none other than Nazish Jahangir herself which read, “Soon InshaAllah”. But the most interesting thing here is that both the post and the comment by Nazish, were liked by, who else, but Mohsin Abbas Haider. Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser.

The same account also posted a story about Mohsin and Nazish’s families giving their blessings for the marriage between the couple that, apparently, is set to take place soon. Talk about interesting developments indeed.

Final Word

While the post doesn’t mean anything definitive as it is does not have a validity of a wedding card à la Hamza and Naimal, but the very public acceptance of both Nazish and Mohsin does make us wonder if there’s something serious brewing. Maybe 2019 hasn’t stopped surprising us with celebrity unions and there’s going to be another marriage to look forward to soon. What do you guys think?