“Shame On You” Says Rahma Ali To Everyone Posting Insensitive Comments After Abid Ali’s Death

Abid Ali

Abid Ali sahab passed away last night at the age of 67, at Liaqat National Hospital, where he took his last breath. He was initially admitted due to discomfort from liver complications which was due to a liver disease he had since the past year.

The legendary actor leaves behind two grief-stricken families; his first wife Humaira and daughters Maryam Ali, Iman Ali, Rahma Ali, and second wife Rabia Noreen with whom he bears no children.

Rahma Uploads a Video Accusing Her Father’s Second Wife

After the news of Abid Ali’s demise surfaced yesterday, Rahma Ali posted a video on her Instagram. The distraught daughter was crying and narrating how helpless she felt. Rahma posted the video to share with her followers that Abid Ali’s second wife, Rabia Noreen, had taken away his body from the hospital. Neither did she inform Rahma and her family about the address, nor the timings of the Namaaz-e-Janaza. Moreover, Rabia allegedly said: ‘Inn aurton ko meray ghar anay ki ijazat nahi’ in which she referred to Abid Ali’s first family.

The internet flooded the comments of her post with messages of support. Some people even came forward with Rabia’s address and the timings of the Namaaz-e-Janaza.

Shortly after, Iman Ali put up a post in which she announced the time and place of her father’s Namaaz-e-Janaza.

Rahma Removes Her Accusatory Video

Just after a few hours Rahma uploaded her accusatory video, she removed it due to some disappointing and disturbing comments from the audience and claimed that they will soon be taken care of. This is what the actress/singer had to say:

Final Word

While we are in no position to judge the actions of Rabia Noreen, we believe that Abid Ali’s family should be allowed to say their final goodbyes and mourn him in peace. No matter what grievances both families had with each other, all of them shared a love for Abid Ali sahab. Also, we hope that people show some sensitivity and remorse towards this miserable occurrence, and support Abid Sir’s family through this hard time.

What do guys think?