Exclusive: “Mahira And I Are Not Friends But There Is No Problem Between Us Either”- Saba Qamar

When it comes to counting the best actresses of the Pakistani entertainment industry, Saba Qamar’s name has always been in the top tier of the list. For years, Saba has proved her mettle as an actress who is as charming when she is mimicking public figures in satirical news shows, as she is captivating in serious television dramas. But in the past couple of years, especially after her very successful stint across the border, there seems to be a new Saba in town.

Bold, vivacious, and most importantly completely unapologetic about everything she does, the Saba Qamar of now has no qualms showing how comfortable and secure she is being at the top. And when this Baaghi Saba Qamar 2.0 came as a guest on the latest episode of The Munshi Show, lots of mysteries about her life were revealed including, but not limited to, her equation with the other superstar of the industry – Mahira Khan.

Saba QamarSo, what is it?

When Saba Qamar sat on the couch of The Munshi Show, everything from her comfortable hoodie to her casual, sitting cross-legged-on-the-sofa posture mirrored her unapologetic and confident mood. Never known for mincing her words or trying to come across as diplomatic for the sake of being likable, Saba was completely frank in all her answers.

“Are you friends, are you frenemies, are you enemies – what is the scene? People want to know!” Asked the host, Momin Ali Munshi, bringing up Mahira Khan early on in his conversation with Saba. A question that does not come across as a shocker to anyone considering how often Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar get pitted against each other by the media, and social media, alike. A fact that Saba is very well aware of.

“We are not friends,” Saba replied with a nonchalant shrug. “But there is no such “problem” between us as well. Mahira and I have never interacted in that way before because we have never really worked together. People have made an issue out of nothing.” Saba said the last statement with a dismissive eye-roll.

“Mahira has her own place, and I have my own. No one can take anyone’s place. She is doing great work in her place, and I feel that I am doing good in my little world. Personally, I have no problems with her.” Saba gracefully and succinctly explained her equation with her media-created “rival”.

But that’s not all.

This confession was but just a tip of the iceberg in the long, no-holds-barred installment of The Munshi Show. There is so much more in store for the viewers as Saba talked about her past relationships, future projects, the LSA controversy, and made honest confessions about who she wants to work with in the industry and who she’d have a romantic liaison with if given an option. Catch all this and so much more in the third episode of The Munshi Show that drops this Thursday at 8 pm on GalaxyLollywood’s Youtube channel!