Exclusive: Saba Qamar spills the beans on her new film ‘Kamli’!

Saba Qamar

There are a few months left before we officially bid adieu to 2019. However, for Pakistani film buffs, 2019 is more or less over with almost all the major releases of the year having had their run in the cinemas. So, naturally, all eyes and interest are being diverted to 2020 in the hopes of the coming year being bigger and better than the current year. And as per the latest news, 2020 is already poised to become a great year for Pakistani cinema.

First, it was Filmwala Productions announcing that they plan on releasing two films in 2020. Now, IMGC has announced that they would collaborate with various production houses to release a total of five films in the upcoming year. One of those films is said to be a Sarmad Khoosat directorial starring none other than the reigning queen Saba Qamar! We called up Saba to confirm the news and get more details and here is what she revealed:

‘Kamli’ is bigger than ‘Hindi Medium’- Saba Qamar

‘Yes, I’m thrilled to be a part of Sarmad’s next Kamli’ revealed an excited Saba who is on a career-high after the success of Cheekh and her bagging the coveted LUX endorsement. Saba further added that after doing Hindi Medium, it was important for her to be a part of something bigger, better, and meaningful, so after a prolonged time of exploring and searching, she finally found ‘Kamli’, which she claims is ‘bigger than Hindi Medium’.

Moreover, while she couldn’t reveal much about the film, she did, however, tell us is that it features a newcomer opposite her, and as the name ‘Kamli’ suggests, the film is going to be female-centric, revolving around her character. She said that she is super excited for the film, as the script and the storyline are extremely novel; something which has bot been seen before. Also, she revealed that the film is tentatively set to be released on Eid Ul Fitr 2020.

But That’s Not All

There is still so much more that Qamar talks about in her exclusive interview on The Munshi Show which comes out tonight at 8 pm on GalaxyLollywood’s Youtube channel! Saba talks about her past relationships, future projects, the LSA controversy, and makes honest confessions about who she wants to work within the industry and who she’d have a romantic liaison with if given an option.