We told you so! Hamza Ali Abbasi Quits Acting, To Focus On Religious Activism

In a cryptic tweet posted on October 12, star Hamza Ali Abbasi had stated that his journey of over a decade had come to an end and that he had “a very important announcement to make at the end of this month.”

In a piece shortly thereafter, we correctly conjectured that the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani star was planning on changing his career path to something that was more in line with his personal convictions.

Over the years, Hamza had had very public disagreements with the showbiz fraternity and even production teams of his own films about issues pertaining to the morality of contemporary films and television projects. Whether they were item numbers or scantily dressed women in films, Hamza has actively voiced his opinion over social media and the public has paid attention.

The latest bombshell

Now, in a YouTube video posted via a tweet, the Waar actor has announced that he will be distancing himself from the world of showbiz – only as an actor though, for he will now switch to religious activism and producing content that is in line with his moral and religious values.

In the lengthy 23 minute clip, Hamza described his decades-long journey from atheism towards finding what he termed as ‘the truth,’ the primary catalyst in the process being his realization of the inevitability of death.

Not completely quitting showbiz

Opening up on what he plans on doing in the future, Hamza said he would now onwards focus on two things: religious activism (through the electronic and social media) as well as charity and social work. He added this was the culmination of a long discourse he had had with himself and with scholars of religion and reaching the conclusion that he had finally found the truth he had to change his track in life.

Importantly, Hamza did add he will be producing and directing dramas and films in the future – something which has been his original goal for setting foot into showbiz – and that the content he produces will be in line with his personal religious values and convictions.

Alif to be the last acting project

In the clip, Hamza pointedly mentioned that “Alif is my last acting project, and after this, you will not be seeing me as an actor for a long time.” He also added that he only chose to work on the project since it talked about his character’s journey towards finding religion and the truth.

AlifWith this announcement we are pretty certain the hype for the currently on air show will go up by a few notches, for his fans will certainly not want to miss out on catching the last glimpses of their favorite star on the screen.

Stepping stone to politics?

While Hamza was unequivocal about not having any ulterior motives behind his latest announcement, he also did not explicitly rule out joining a political cause in the future. He did say he intends to “stay away from electoral politics, for the time being,” but given his passion for political causes in the past, it just might be that the Mann Mayal star might be considering a move into the political arena at some point in the future.

Twitter reacts

A few hours following the announcement, ‘Hamza Ali Abbasi’ was the top trend on twitter, with Twitteratis sharing a whole range of reactions ranging from disbelief to wholehearted support for the actor’s newly found passion.

Here’s wishing Hamza the best in whatever he chooses to pursue. While we will be rueful about losing yet another popular performer, we do hope he will continue to contribute towards enriching the world of drama and film.

What are your views — do you agree with his latest move? Please let us know in the comments below!



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