‘I Don’t Need Fawad Khan To Be A Star,’ Claims Hira Mani

hira mani

If there was one star who was truly born in 2019, it has to be Hira Mani. The actress’s performance propelled ARY Digital’s Do Bol to blockbuster status – if its humongous online views and stellar television ratings are any indicators. Previously, the audience fell in love with the actress for her realistic performance of a range of versatile characters in dramas such as Sun Yara, Paglu, Yakeen Ka Safar and Dil Moum Ka Diya. However, it was Do Bol which put her in the big league, and Hira knows it.


Currently essaying an important character in the hit of the season Meray Paas Tum Ho, Hira has certainly come of age since her stint as a video jockey, with which she began her career. And Hira knows that she has proven herself. In an interview recently, she said: “I don’t need Fawad Khan to be hit. I don’t need Sanjay Leela Bhansali to be hit. A person needs to perform well in order to get success and you can give that performance anywhere, in any serial or medium. I got a lead role in my first project Mohabbat Na Kariyo. Then I also got the lead in my second project and the list goes on. So you see, nobody plays characters the way I do.”

Hira is also a proud mother with two kids. She sees this as an accomplishment, saying: “I am the only actress who achieved this level of success after having kids. I am the only actress who gave birth to babies and then also appeared as a heroine on TV.”

It seems the Do Bol star is finally enjoying the perks and privileges of her well-deserved stardom which she has finally achieved after years and years of unflinching hard work. However, the comments leave us wondering if she is making a subtle reference to another actress. We leave you to draw your own conclusions.


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