Neelam Muneer Reveals All About Struggling In Showbiz Since 9th Grade

neelam muneer

2018 was the year when Neelam Muneer made waves as a television actress, performing in plays such as Dil Moam Ka Diya, and it seems this year the starlet has conquered filmdom too with the box-office smash Wrong No. 2, where she was noted for her comic timing and was also able to make her presence felt in an ensemble cast that featured many big guns of the industry. All of this was not quite handed over on a silver platter to the actress, however, and appearing in an interview, she spoke at length about her struggles, travails and finally breaking into the big league.

Starting young

“I have been working since my late teenage years, and I have never given importance to anyone or anything else in my life,” disclosed the Kahin Deep Jalay star, in response to a query pertaining to her life experiences during her formative years. “Even when I encountered different choices in life, I always gave priority to my work above all else.” So what exactly was it that kept Neelam occupied throughout her younger years? “I was in class nine when I did my first commercial,” she revealed. And there were tragic circumstances behind her stepping into the world of arclights. Neelam’s father passed away when she was three, and it was left to her and her mother to take care of the youngfamily. Eventually, she stepped into the drama serial industry with a play by renowned director Kazim Pasha for PTV titled Thora Sa Aasmaan, and there has been no looking back.

Finally making it

Now that the actress has finally made it into the showbusiness’s big league, she is enjoying the fruits of stardom and success. “I have done a lot for myself, and now I am blessed with all the comforts that I have always wished for.” The actress owns her own house and has made it by any barometer of success. “Looking back, I have come a long way and achieved far greater than what I had ever expected, something which I am very grateful to God for.”

With films such as Chuppan Chuppai and Wrong No. 2 to her credit, the actress also has appeared in quite a few successful plays and has indeed achieved everything on the sheer dint of her hard work and ambition. Neelam also mentioned that she would prefer to continue working after marriage, but is open to the possibility of leaving showbiz after marriage as well.

Final word

Born in Mardan to a family that includes three other sisters, Neelam has proved to the world that a woman too can achieve her dreams with the right work ethic and intentions. While we look forward to seeing her in more productions, we are sure she will not disappoint her numerous fans given the painstaking effort she puts into each of her performances and selecting the right scripts. Here’s wishing her all the best!




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