Celebrities Launch Charity Initiatives For Helping The Needy During The Lockdown

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All provinces of Pakistan have announced a lockdown of different degrees in their respective territories due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus outbreak. While such lockdowns, currently enforced upon 25% of the world’s population, have been considered as being useful towards limiting the spread of the virus, they also curtail the means of livelihood for the underprivileged segment of the society, particularly those reliant on daily wages.

Taking the situation into consideration, many Pakistani celebrities have passionately launched initiatives, in their personal capacities, to help the affected citizens and the people in need during the pandemic period. Here’s a list of stars we love who are also doing their bit as responsible citizens: 

Ali Zafar 

Ali has been rather vocal on his social media handles ever since the coronavirus outbreak hit Pakistan. The actor has made several videos in different languages to spread information regarding the importance of precautionary measures during these trying times. The Teefa In Trouble actor took to his Instagram to share that he has donated Rs. 2 Million to help the daily wagers and also has distributed ration bags to 50 families. 


Ali urged his fans to contribute to his efforts for making sure that no citizen suffers from hunger during the period.

Feroze Khan

Feroze recently shocked tinsel town with his announcement of quitting the industry, now the Tich Button actor has been posting about his donation drive geared towards helping those in need during these tough times. The actor has been passionately raising funds to help the poverty-ridden citizens. In an Instagram live video, he showed 1500 ration bags put in place for the needy and thanked donors for helping him in this cause.

He has also been lately posting special prayers in context of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Maya Ali 

The Parey Hut Love diva has been updating her fans after launching a series of ration drives for the needy, in collaboration with her designer friend Faiza Saqlain and her husband Saqlain Hayder. Maya has been actively participating in the packaging of the charity bags and their distribution. The actress offered social media users an inside look into the bags and the praiseworthy aspect is that they also have basic commodities such as soaps and washing powder in addition to regular food items.


The Man Maayal starlet broke down in a live video chat and shared how people across the country have been calling her for help, citing an example of a Karachi based woman who needed help to finance the milk expenses of her child. 

Hira Mani

Meray Paas Tum Ho’s Hira Mani recently received flak from netizens for making a few insensitive comments on the corona outbreak during her US tour with co-star Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui. However, Hira hasn’t let the negativity affect her. She has launched a helpline for raising funds to help the cause, with which the actress aims to support poor families with food and medical help. She is not just arranging ration bags but is also distributing important medicines. 


She posted a message on her Instagram story today mentioning how being wealthy is a disease in today’s time and emphasized the responsibility of rich people towards sharing their privileges with the needy ones. 


Iqrar-ul-Hassan has evolved from being an anchorperson to an entrepreneur and an active philanthropist. He has been diligently pressing his fans and followers to help the poor people affected by the Corona crises. Iqrar has also raised awareness on another issue of blood donation during the lockdown period. Since people have self-isolated themselves at homes, the blood banks are also facing a lack of supply. Using the platform of the program he anchors, he distributed food commodities to underprivileged people and also donated blood to encourage people. 


Shahid Afridi 

Shahid Afridi needs to be praised for doing his bit in this turbulent period. He is one cricket star who has always been wise with his donations be it for Shaukat Khanam, flood relief camps or the current Covid-19 crisis. Afridi, who has his roots in KPK is also helping the needy people in Karachi and other cities of the country. 

Among other celebrities striving to their bit, Kubra Khan shared a message on Instagram requesting people to pay the wages of their house helps even if they are giving them time off. Saboor Ali urged fans to be socially responsible and do their bit during these trying times. Tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq runs his own charity foundation. Now, he and his sister have joined hands towards raising funds for the affected daily wagers and underprivileged people due to the overwhelming pandemic. 

We expect more stars and people in power to follow the names mentioned above and contribute towards the welfare of society. 


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