5 Saba Qamar Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Saba Qamar Pakistan Drama

Saba Qamar’s acting prowess is something that even her strongest critic would not cast an aspersion on. Plus, quite notably, at a time when all the bigwigs of the showbiz fraternity have shifted base to the big screen (or at least, that was the case before the pandemic shut down movie theaters), Saba is striking the ideal balance between her film and television career and enjoying spectacular success in both.

Here, we present you with 5 gems from the actress’s prolific portfolio – and note this selection is by no means totally comprehensive. We have featured on the list Saba Qamar’s 5 must-watch television shows we believe you will be glued to, the first episode onwards. And that would be awesome during these times of social distancing, right? If you feel any more shows need to be included, please mention in the comments below!

So here we go! 


This Badar Mehmood directed venture is a taut revenge thriller which has proven to be Saba’s biggest hit on television in the last few years. She plays the lead character Mannat while Bilal Abbas is Wajih. And Mannat’s journey through chaos to ultimately finding her strength is what forms the core of this very interesting show.

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The drama revolves around Mannat and Wajih’s tug of war, as both of them are in some way connected to the murder — if you can call it that, of Mannat’s friend. What makes it more interesting is that Mannat becomes Wajih’s sister in law and his entire family is gripped by the thunderstorm he creates. The drama has several sub-plots and boasts of an exciting supporting cast consisting of Emmad Irfani, Aijaz Aslam, and Ushna Shah. Sharp performances, crisp editing, and a roller coaster of emotions make it an exciting ride. The play is available on ARY’s YouTube channel. 


Based on late Qandeel Baloch’s life, Baaghi portrayed the story of Qandeel’s journey from being a village belle to a nationwide internet sensation. The drama unravels the exciting bits from Qandeel’s life, such as her first marriage, her live-in camaraderie with a flamboyant coordinator, her Pakistan Idol audition, blossoming love story with a business tycoon and her unfortunate murder.

saba qamar pakistan dramaThe drama took many cinematic liberties and also fictionalized segments of the play. Watch it for Saba’s phenomenal performance, who perfectly incorporated the characteristics of Qandeel as Kanwal. Baaghi also stars Osman Khalid Butt and Sarmad Khoosat. 


maatA tumultuous tale of two sisters, Saman (Saba) Aiman (Amna Sheikh), Maat makes for an engrossing watch. Aiman is sensitive, naïve, and extremely loving towards her younger sister, Saman who on the other hand is quite a firecracker and wants everything she sets her eyes on. She also has a strong bent towards wealthy men and dreams of marrying one.

Aiman, on the other hand, is engaged to Faisal (Adnan Siddiqui), who’s destiny, in turn, intersects with Saman. A complex web of relationships ensues, in which fortunes change as do the relationships themselves. The television show was also well received across the border when aired prior to Pakistani television shows being banned there. Maat is currently available on YouTube.


This pre-partition saga has a gem of a script and superb performances by its ensemble cast. Such projects are rare to come across any more, which makes this show a must-watch amidst the quarantine.

Dastaan stars Saba Qamar, Fawad Khan, Sanam Baloch, and Ahsan Khan in key roles. The story revolves around the life of Bano (Sanam Baloch) and her neighborhood during the pre-1947 era.

Saba Qamar MaatSaba plays Surraiyah, the doting wife of Ahsan Khan’s Saleem, and best friend to his on-screen nephew Hassan, played by Fawad Khan. Watch it for the heart-wrenching partition sequences which are fabulously executed by maestro Haissam Hussain and brilliantly performed by all the actors. This one is bound to give you goosebumps. Available on Hum TV’s YouTube channel. 

Mein Sitara 

One of the most authentic insights into the world of film fraternity, this show spans a period of a few decades and has quite a vast canvas. Mein Sitara is a story based on the Pakistani film industry and what goes on behind the scenes and what we actually see on-screen. It’s a story of beyond those closed studio doors and arc-lights.

mein sitaraAlso starring Mikaal Zulfiqar, Meera, and Noman Ijaz in key roles, Mein Sitara is notable for Saba Qamar and Meera’s interesting equation in the narrative, especially when Saba’s character grows and comes into direct clash with Meera’s numero-uno film-diva. Also, watch out for the breakdown scene of Mikaal when he falls in love with a much younger Saba Qamar despite being married.

It’s a play that leaves you with much to think about. Available on TV One’s YouTube channel. 

Honorary mention: Paani Jaisa Pyaar 

Raw yet gripping is how we will term this Sarmad Khoosat directed serial. Based on the life of a 25-year-old girl, the chirpy Sana from Faisalabad, Paani Jaisa Pyaar showcases how her world changes when she is raped by her brother’s best friend, a character that is performed by Ahsan Khan. All of this leads to trouble in Sana’s married life, and much drama ensues which is all the more engaging because of Saba’s power-packed performance. The play also stars Mikaal Zulfiqar, Juggan Kazim, and Naushaeen Shah. Saba played the role of a rape victim at a very early stage of her career and delivered a knockout performance. 


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