Saba Qamar Makes An Impressive Directorial Debut With Bilal Saeed’s ‘Qubool’

saba qamar

Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed’s music video, Qubool, has been making waves ever since it was announced. Produced by Bilal Saeed’s music handle, One Two Records, Qubool marks the directorial debut of the ace actress Saba Qamar. Melodious vocals, lovelorn lyrics, picturesque visuals, striking chemistry, and a refreshing screenplay all come together to form a memorable music video.

There was some controversy around the music video having scenes shot at the Wazir Khan Mosque. Following this, Bilal Saeed had posted an apology video and cleared the air how the sequence, which was a nikah scene, was shot without any music. In a show of acknowledging that this action might still have hurt the sentiments of people, the prologue of the music video shot at the mosque has been chopped from the final video.

A complete story

However, the chopping off of the prologue has not had any negative effect on the music video as it manages to tell a complete story within the duration of the song. Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed make for a stunning couple as they share impeccable chemistry that is elevated by the melodious song.

Saba Qamar proves why she is the numero-uno as she brings out her A-game not just behind the camera but in front of it as well. Without using the help of any dialogue and relying purely on her expressions, Saba Qamar nails the dilemma of a wife who is getting insecure about her husband keeping secrets from her. Bilal Saeed proves to be a good partner for Saba as the two manage to portray the chemistry of a married couple that is no longer in their honeymoon phase but have settled in their daily routines.

The music video

Saba Qamar impresses in her directorial debut. The visuals of the music video are extremely picturesque, be it the starting sequence at the outskirts of Lahore or the rooftop of a building. Even the indoor sequences have been provided with cinematic elements by adding lots of colors, such as yellow utensils in the kitchen sequence or blue lighting in the indoor sequences. The color palette chosen for the music video gives it a dreamy vibe, making the video visually appealing.

Bilal Saeed’s composition is first-rate. The usage of instruments such as guitar and piano provides a refreshing and easy-to-listen-to feel to the composition. The luscious lyrics are penned by Bilal himself. Some lines stand out and give us a feeling of unrequited love. While the theme of the song is all about the intensity of love, the lyrics give the song a very contemporary touch. The using of few commonly used English words to make a rhyme makes Qubool a song that would connect instantly to the younger audience.


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