Have Mashal Khan And Ali Ansari Called It Quits?

Seems like there is no dearth of heartbreak in our entertainment industry. If on one hand, there are couples celebrating new beginnings, on the other hand, the breakups don’t stop happening. And the latest couple to call it quits is that of Mashal Khan and Ali Ansari.

Mashal Khan and Ali Ansari had been in a relationship since 2018. The duo never worked together onscreen however, their chemistry was quite evident in all the offscreen stuff that they shared. So, when the eagle-eyed fans noticed how the two actors had stopped following each other on social media, eyebrows were bound to be raised.

The evidence

There was a point where this couple’s perfect Insta-game had made it obvious that the lovebirds were entirely smitten by each other. They were spotted together many times on various occasions. From voting together on the day of the elections to walking hand in hand at their friends’ weddings to posting some fiery photoshoots, the couple never missed a chance to show off their chemistry.

However, a quick look at their Instagram handles now shows that not only the two have unfollowed each other but all the pictures that they had posted together are nowhere to be found on their feed!

Further confirming their current broken up relationship status is a comment that Mashal Khan made on her Instagram live. Apparently, the actress confessed to having thrown out much “trash” (kachra) from her life recently. Ouch!

No happy ending

The duo had guest-starred on a show hosted by Reema Khan where they had confessed to being engaged for two and a half years. Their light-hearted banter was evidence of how comfortable the two of them were together. Mashal revealed that they hadn’t hit off at their first meetup. Ali however grew a liking towards her after interviewing her at a fashion show and immediately sent her a friend request on Facebook.

In the same interview, Ali had also confessed that Mashal was very “precious” to him. Every interaction the two had on social media always pointed at how in love and happy the two of them were together. But alas, it looks like this fairytale is not headed for a happy ending judging by the total change that has happened on their social media.

We can only hope the two of them are happy with whatever choices they have made.


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