Mehwish Hayat And Fahad Mustafa To Be The New Faces Of Lux

Lux might just be a beauty soap but in Pakistan the brand is synonymous with all things glamorous. Not only are the Lux Style Awards Pakistan’s only longstanding awards that reward the entire entertainment industry from fashion to film to drama to music; but the Lux brand itself associates with only the biggest stars of the industry. To be the face of Lux in Pakistan is a thing worth boasting about.

With the 2020 edition of Lux Style Awards in the planning and preparation stage, the question on people’s minds is who is going to be the face of this year’s Lux campaign. And it looks like a certain Billi has bagged this prestigious campaign for herself.

Rumor has it

The speculation initially started when the gorgeous filmstar, Mehwish Hayat recently posted a picture on Instagram with her Load Wedding co-star Fahad Mustafa with a caption that read that the two had reunited for “something special”. Fahad too had posted a different picture with Mehwish from the same day on his Instagram. The background of the pictures seemed like they had been taken at The Vision Factory’s office in Karachi. The Vision Factory is headed by Asim Raza, the man who has directed many memorable Lux campaigns in the past.

What further fueled the speculation was a comment left by last year’s Lux girl, Saba Qamar, on Mehwish’s post. Her comment read, ”Bus Zara sa…Good Luck!” This use of Lux’s famous brand tagline to wish Mehwish all the best for this special project definitely was a strong hint that Saba had passed on the Lux Girl mantle to Mehwish Hayat this year.

The new Lux couple

Sources have confirmed that Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa will be leading the Lux campaign this year as a couple. It has been a while since a couple has been used to lead a Lux campaign. Last year Saba Qamar was the sole face of Lux. A couple of years before it the campaign was led by a trio of Lux Girls (Mahira Khan, Maya Ali, Mawra Hocane in 2017; Mahira Khan, Maya Ali, Reema Khan in 2018) Last time a couple was the face of Lux campaign was when Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan showcased their powerful chemistry that left audience swooning.

Looks like the brand is going for something similar this year with Mehwish and Fahad. It is being reported that this year’s campaign with the new faces of Lux will have the same kind of elegance and grandeur used to accentuate the chemistry that is shared by Fahad and Mehwish. The duo has previously shared the screen in the film Load Wedding. Their powerful performance at last year’s Lux Style Awards was definitely one of the highlights of the ceremony. It will definitely be interesting to see how this chemistry will be captured in this year’s Lux campaign.

Chances are the TVC featuring this duo would be released ahead of this year’s Lux Style Awards to create hype for the awards. As per the norm, the faces of Lux end up playing a big part at the LSAs so it is left to be seen how Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa will create their magic at this year’s event. All that’s left to do is zara sa..wait.


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