Here Are Some Heartwarming Posts With Which Celebrities Announced Their Parenthood

It is always fun watching your favorite celebrities act in blockbuster movies, walk down with the most prestigious awards, or seeing them living a glamorous life that makes them so look so unattainable. However, it is certainly exciting to be reminded that at the end of the day, they too are normal human beings who experience the same joys as we do.

Achieving parenthood is truly a blessing and celebrities are not immune to this. With social media full of various celebrities from around the world announcing pregnancies, we look down at some of our Pakistani celebrities and how they had announced the news of their parenthood with their fans on social media.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khan shook the internet with the news of their marriage last year. In a similar vein, the duo announced the birth of their baby boy. Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi was introduced to the world by his father who shared an adorable picture of the newborn on Instagram. Naimal, in a separate post on her Instagram, wrote in the caption alongside the picture, “The most pure form of love” as a way of announcing her motherhood.

Feroze Khan

The Khaani star announced the birth of his baby boy Muhammad Sultan Khan on 3rd May 2019 through his tweet, “Alhumdulillah this blessed Friday I have been gifted a son, literal Jummah Mubarak“. It was truly a heartwarming post to read as Feroze celebrated the birth of his child on a holy day. However, since then Feroze has either shared back shots or side shots of his son, choosing to never show his face on social media. This has raised the curiosity of his fans but Feroze is certainly within his rights to protect his child’s privacy.

Aiman Khan


The lovebirds, Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt were blessed with a beautiful baby girl last year, Amal. The birth of the baby was revealed when Aiman posted a picture on Instagram where Amal’s face was not seen as she was wrapped in a pink cloth while Aiman gazes mesmerizingly into her eyes. The prettiest khala Minal Khan also posted an adorable picture with the sweetest caption,” My most precious” as she cuddles her Amalu.

Aisha Khan

Former actress, Aisha Khan and Uqbah Malik were two years into their marriage when they were blessed with a cuddlesome daughter, Mahnoor Malik on the blessed day of 12th Rabbiul Awal. Aisha shared a picture with a heartfelt caption, ”My world” and also said that 2019 couldn’t get any better. However, just like Feroze, she also tends to hide her little angel’s face from the public by inserting an emoji over her face.

Imran Ashraf

The much-praised actor has also gotten great news in his personal life as he is blessed with a handsome baby boy, Roham. Imran had used his Twitter to share this delightful news with his fans. In an interview, he had revealed that the son and mother both had to face a lot of complications during the birth process. Interestingly, baby Roham’s face was not revealed until on Imran and Kiran’s wedding anniversary by none other than Humayun Saeed who, in his Instagram post, revealed that Imran promised Humayun to be the first one to reveal his face.

Momal Sheikh

She didn’t hide her pregnancy and rocked her baby bump like no other when she appeared on Mashion‘s cooking show hosted by Mahira Khan. Momal welcomed her 2nd baby, Aleyha Nadar Nawaz, she posted an endearing picture of the mother-daughter holding onto each other’s fingers. She even went on to share few beautifully captures shots of her husband’s belated birthday and a gratifying caption as her son Ibrahim leans to kiss her baby sister.

Sanam Baloch

The news of Sanam Baloch having tied the knot again was not public knowledge as the talented actress and TV host had chosen not to post about it on her social media. So, the news of her achieving motherhood was a surprise. Sanam did not even announce her motherhood herself. Instead, the news of Sanam having given birth to a baby girl was confirmed via Sanam’s cousins on Instagram. Sanam might not have said anything about her daughter herself but if a picture is worth a thousand words, the pictures she shared on her Instagram stories tell a tale of a happy mother.


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