‘I Will Stop Crying On-Screen When The Audience Will Stop Liking It,’ – Saheefa Jabbar

The talented model-turned-actress Saheefa Jabbar Khattak has a personality that stands out in the crowd. Even a cursory glance at her social media is enough to tell us that Saheefa lives life on her own terms and lives it wholeheartedly. She is one of the rare celebrities that does not reek of a carefully curated fa├žade of being a perfect person. She is vivacious and unapologetic about it.

However, the Saheefa we see off-screen and the one we see on-screen might as well be two different people. Although her work on TV screens is quite limited as she has done four dramas and one mini-series so far, the characters she plays on-screen tend to be of the typical tragedy-stricken heroine that has to live through the miseries of life. An observation that has caused Saheefa’s fans some concerns.

This week’s episode of Galaxy Lollywood’s What’s The 411! took these concerns to Saheefa herself and asked her the burning question: when will we see Saheefa Jabbar Khattak finally smiling on-screen?

What the audience likes

Turns out Saheefa is well aware of her fans’ concerns as she frequently gets asked about when will she stop crying in all her dramas. And the answer she gives to this answer is quite interesting.

“I will stop crying on-screen when the audience will stop liking me in such roles.”

Saheefa explained that for some odd reason her producers and directors think that because she looks very natural when she cries on-screen, the audience is able to relate to her characters. As a result, her characters and the dramas end up getting appreciation from the audience. That is the reason she often gets offered such scripts which involve a lot of crying on her part.

“I would like to not do such characters anymore because I think I am quite done with them,” said Saheefa.

In the pipeline

It looks like Saheefa will get her wish soon as she talked about a couple of upcoming projects that seem to be different from the ones she has done so far.

“I am about to start shooting for one of them very soon. My character in it is gladly not the one who cries all the time. It is a very happy character.”

Saheefa explained that while the script is not of a comedy play, the scope of crying in it is minimal. It is a fun project and she is looking forward to it.

“I would want people to actually look forward to that project,” Saheefa concluded.

To know more about this week’s trending topics watch the full episode of What’s The 411! only of Galaxy Lollywood’s Youtube channel.



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