Had Hamza Ali Abbasi Really Quit The Showbiz Industry?

With his brilliant acting skills and active social media life, Hamza Ali Abbasi has managed to make millions of fans all over the globe. Such is the power of Hamza’s fan-following that every news related to him tops the trending list. Be it through his acting projects or news regarding his personal life, Hamza Ali Abbasi is a celebrity that the fans cannot get enough of.

When Hamza Ali Abbasi had announced his departure from the acting industry, it had left his loyal fans shocked and heartbroken. However, a recent snippet from a game show Hamza guest-starred in has Hamza talking about how he is currently working on a couple of projects. This development caused a stir on social media as it was taken as Hamza Ali Abbasi preparing for a comeback to the acting industry. But the real question is – had Hamza Ali Abbasi quit the industry?

The comeback news

Hamza recently appeared on Express Entertainment’s show Kasoti Online, hosted by Ahmed Ali Butt. During the chit-chat session of the game show, the Alif actor revealed that he is currently working on not just one, but two projects. He did not reveal any additional details about the projects. But just this little teaser was enough to get attention as it is quite a baffling announcement coming from someone who had supposedly left the industry for good.

However, the facts say something else. Last year in October, Hamza posted a cryptic tweet hinting towards ‘a journey coming to an end.’ A few days later, he posted a 23-minute video in which he talked about how he had decided to take a break from the industry and would be focusing more on spreading the message of Almighty Allah. He also added that he would be making movies and shows, but only for his country and Islam.

Always in the works

The news had left a lot of fans scratching their heads. In a way, Hamza had made two contradicting statements that some people could not wrap their heads around. But Hamza knew what he was talking about.

Almost more than a month later, Humayun Saeed had revealed in an interview that Hamza planned to direct a movie on nationalism, which would be produced by Humayun himself. The Punjab Nahi Jaungi actor also added that Hamza would only play limited characters, such as a solider or a religious character. The film did not have a name at that moment.

So, if we take Humayun’s words into account, it could be that the projects Hamza Ali Abbasi is currently working on are on topics that Hamza is personally very passionate about – nationalism and religion. Of course, this is just speculation at this point but it wouldn’t be a surprising move coming from Hamza who is known to always stand by his ideals both verbally and practically.

Other examples

Hamza Ali Abbasi is not the only actor who is attempting to balance his personal beliefs alongside his career in the industry. Earlier in March of this year, actor Feroze Khan announced that he had quit the showbiz industry and would only act and provide his services for Islam’s teaching. At that time, Feroze was already working on season three of Khuda Aur Mohabbat and the movie Tich Button while his drama Ishqiya was being aired on ARY. People really believed that he had stopped acting until he starred in a telefilm with Zara Noor Abbas for Geo Entertainment just a few months after he announced his departure from the industry. It is still unclear why Feroze chose to do the telefilm, considering it wasn’t about spirituality.

Another actor that has recently started talking about religion on social media is Zahid Ahmed. He even posted a few videos on his YouTube channel that discussed some religious topics in detail. However, unlike Hamza and Feroze, he never announced that he is quitting the showbiz industry or taking a break from it. Zahid, in a recent interview, said that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions about his spiritual life and acting career. His career and acting are parallel to each other, and he cannot bring a moral compass to his craft.

Final word

A person’s religious journey is an extremely personal thing. It is a journey that comes with many ups and downs. An actor, like any other individual, should be allowed the freedom to take on this journey. And if they can find it within themselves to balance their professional life and personal beliefs, like Hamza Ali Abbasi seems to plan on doing, then they should be encouraged for it.


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