Asim Azhar Shows His Musical Brilliance In ‘Meray Dost Meray Yaar’ Season 2

There was a time when Pakistani dramas that specifically catered to the youth demographic were made. However, those kinds of dramas had become almost extinct. Pakistani dramas nowadays usually don’t resonate with fun-loving Pakistani youth. There is hardly any content produced and created for them. But last year this genre of drama where young characters and their lives take the center stage was brought back on television with Candi Meray Dost Meray Yaar.

Last year when Candi Meray Dost Meray Yaar (MDMY) ended, it left its audience a little off-guard. It was Pakistan’s first-ever musical TV series that featured original songs, and it proved to be a good break from mundane storylines and never-ending tragedies shown in the standard Pakistani series. 

It is back and bigger than before

What was it that the youth connects with when it comes to Candi MDMY? Well, it is a story of a group of friends and their friendship that sees all ups and downs; while having each other by the side and their will to be together. Furthermore, it is beautifully knit on some of the most amazing musical tracks that cannot be forgotten.

The good news is that Candi Meray Dost Meray Yaar is coming back with its second season, with a more engaging storyline and promising music. The ever talented and beloved Asim Azhar is making a debut as a music director, bringing five tracks on 5 different tangents of mood as well as genres to the show.

Asim Azhar’s musicality

The title track has been rewritten by Asim while keeping in mind the story of Zoya, Sherry, Zain, and Mohib and their friendship and relationships. The song will prove to be a game-changer. But that is not all. Another prominent track one must look forward to is nothing short of a masterstroke. It is again a song that is Asim’s composition, and our favorite, Ali Hamza has sung it. It already sounds like a dream.

When we talk about Pakistani occasions, how can we miss shaadisShaadi is like the biggest occasion ever and Asim knew it. One of the 5 songs in Candi MDMY Season 2 is a shaadi song. And from what we can tell now, it is going to give tough competition to all shaadi tracks ever produced. The song is not a simple dance or bhangra number but is more musically expression. We can foresee larki walas concluding their dances on this song’s emotional note in upcoming mehendis.

Considering his track record, it is hard not to expect the best from Asim Azhar. He has conquered the industry as a singer, he will certainly not leave any stone unturned as a music director either.

Season 2 of Candi Mere Dost Mere Yaar is all set to release soon. Directed by Mehreen Jabbar, the cast of season 2 include Hania Amir, Maryam Nafees, and Asad Siddiqui alongside Asim Azhar in leading roles.


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