Zainab Salman Shatters Barriers Of Fashion And Tradition

When it comes to anything wholesome – be it in the world of fashion, film, or television, we can’t help but let our hearts swell. Such is the case with Zainab Salman, who is launching her latest formal collection called “Pyaare Baba,” on May 16th 2022, through her leading fashion house in Lahore.

Zainab Salman

A firm believer in leveling up in the world of fashion, Zainab Salman has focused a lot on community growth through people and their emotions. Her campaigns reflect the same, and it is her relationship with her own father that has inspired the launch of “Pyaare Baba.”

“Pyaare Baba”

The collection is headlined by a nostalgic video featuring a letter that Zainab Salman addresses to her father, to say the things she could never say to him in person. Following this example, the fashion house wants to encourage community growth. “Pyaare Baba” is a product of collaborations within the community. Inspired by Fatima Amjed’s thesis, the campaign collaborates with her for the video itself.

The Team

Samhaita Narang, an artist from across the border, has collaborated to re-record Abi Sampa’s heart touching track “Rang”. Zara Peerzada is the main campaign lead; Anila Murtaza – a Karachi-based celebrity stylist has styled the looks, with jewelry by Hamna Amir. The campaign video is directed by Saad Amjad and shot by Ikram Gohar. The photography has been executed by Shayaan Sherwani.

More About The Collection

The collection is a series of delicate fabrics with beautiful embroideries that reflect the beauty of sub-continental craft. The embroideries are gleaming with sequins and crystals all over. The response to “Pyaare Baba” has been overwhelmingly positive, even before its launch. Undoubtedly, Zainab Salman is grateful for people receiving her collection with open hearts.


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