Imran Ashraf Spills Exciting Details About His Upcoming Drama ‘Raqs E Bismil’

Imran Ashraf has proven himself to be an actor worth getting excited for. His diligence, dedication, and hard work, alongside his talent as an actor has made him a hero that the audience loves to love. Which is why every project that Imran Ashraf gets associated with ends up being hyped and anticipated by his loyal fans.

When Imran officially revealed the first look of his character from his next drama, the excited and positive reaction it received was not a surprise. Not only does the character look impressive, but Imran’s caption which was full of excitement for the project further piqued the curiosity of his fans.

An action hero

For Imran, who is known to opt for projects that challenge him as an actor, to be this excited for a drama is not a small thing. When Galaxy Lollywood reached out to him, Imran shared some details regarding what exactly about his character Moosa in the upcoming drama Raqs e Bismil has him excited.

“Moosa is an action hero,” said Imran. “I know people are pointing out that Moosa looks similar to [the drama’s writer] Hashim Nadeem’s previous male protagonists but Moosa is completely different from them. In fact, Moosa is different from all the rest of Hashim Nadeem’s scripts.”

Imran also revealed that he was ready to take a break from dramas after he was done shooting for his film Dum Mastam.

“I had decided to take a break and wait for the film’s release. I know people have a lot of expectations from me and I don’t want to make any mistake again. During the COVID lockdown, I got a call from Shazia Wajahat. And when she started narrating the story to me, it took me two minutes to make the decision in my heart that this was a script that I just had to do.”

Imran was all praises for Raqs e Bismil‘s script and team. He said that the director Wajahat Rauf was doing an excellent job on the drama and that it is being produced on a very large scale.

“I am excited!” declared Imran Ashraf.

Exciting things in store for Mushk

While Raqs e Bismil still has some time before it airs on television, Imran’s current drama Mushk continues to enthrall the audience with its impeccable script and story. When asked about how Raqs e Bismil‘s Moosa will be different from his character in Mushk, Adam, Imran said that Adam is yet to reveal himself.

“The audience has yet to see Adam in Mushk. The character of Adam will slowly start to reveal who he actually is in the upcoming couple of episodes. Mushk‘s story has yet to start focusing on Adam.”

With such interesting revelations from Imran about his dramas, it seems obvious that his fans are going to be in for a treat.

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