Yasir Hussain And Minal Khan Pair Up For A Telefilm

The Pakistani entertainment industry has a knack for repeating pairings that have already worked in a project before. So, when an unusual pair of actors are spotted working together, it immediately captures the interest of the audience. This is exactly what happened when Yasir Hussain uploaded a picture on his Instagram where he was seen alongside the talented actress, Minal Khan.

Trusted by the fans to bring all the accurate news, Galaxy Lollywood’s What’s The 411! answered all the fans curious questions and reached out to Yasir Hussain himself to find out – what exactly is that Yasir Hussain and Minal Khan have worked together for?

An exciting telefilm

Yasir revealed that the project is a telefilm directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain. Talking about some details of the telefilm, Yasir said that it was shot around Haripur and he was very excited about the project.

“This is the first time I worked with Minal Khan and it was a pleasure working with her,” said Yasir Hussain about his experience of working with Minal.

Yasir was all praises for the telefilm’s direction and its cast. Although he didn’t reveal any details about the story of the telefilm, he did promise that it was going to be something he has never done before.

“The cast also includes Madiha Rizvi and Tipu as well. The story revolves just around these four main characters. It was my first experience working in locations like this. It is the first time I have shot for something like this. It is completely different from anything I have done and the audience will surely enjoy it.”

Well, we will be looking forward to the telefilm whenever it releases. In the meanwhile, check out the full episode of this week’s What’s The 411! to have your weekly catchup on all the trending topics of the Pakistani entertainment industry.


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